Tivan to review Speewah Vanadium Project strategy following fluorite project PFS

Tivan (ASX:TVN) will review its strategy for the Speewah Vanadium Project, inclusive of the TIVAN+ pathway, following completion of the Prefeasibility Study (PFS) for the Speewah Fluorite Project in July 2024.

The $82 million market capitalisation company says the principal aim of the review will be to evaluate a preferred development pathway as between traditional salt roast processing and the TIVAN+ technology pathway. 

The review will encompass the body of work that Tivan completed in advancing the salt roast pathway between September 2023 and February 2024, in conjunction with Hatch Engineering.

Tivan says Speewah Vanadium has the largest reported vanadium in titanomagnetite resources in Australia, and one of the largest globally.

The company notes that the recent 2024-25 federal Budget includes significant funding for innovative projects that build sovereign capabilities and that accelerate the energy transition. Tivan will report the findings of this comprehensive review in Q3 2024. 

Meanwhile, Tivan will continue to rapidly advance the company’s strategic priorities in 2024, being the Speewah Fluorite Project and the Sandover Project. 

Tivan Executive Chairman Mr Grant Wilson says a year on from Tivan’s decision “to break from the TIVAN flowsheet, we are delighted to report the first testwork results of our strategic partnership with CSIRO”. 

“The results confirm the technical viability of TIVAN+ and the amenability of the technology pathway to the Speewah resource. These are critical foundational steps and the result of extensive collaboration between Tivan and CSIRO. The success of the testwork program means that Tivan can now evaluate the traditional salt roast pathway against the TIVAN+ technology pathway,” Wilson says.

“This important exercise will occur in Q3. If we decide in favour of TIVAN+, we will move directly toward the planning and construction of a large-scale TIVAN+ Pilot Plant. From a scheduling perspective, there is scope to construct a TIVAN+ Pilot Plant whilst we are delivering the Speewah Fluorite Project. 

The testwork results are fantastic and offer scope to build important sovereign capabilities that advance the energy transition. A TIVAN+ pilot plant would be a breakthrough achievement in critical minerals processing and would be ‘Made in Australia’.”

The testwork program focused on assessing the TIVAN+ technology flowsheet developed between CSIRO and Tivan utilising Speewah concentrate, with the objective of validating the technology and supporting future process engineering and pilot plant design. 

Tivan says the testwork outcomes have exceeded expectations, delivering “excellent results” in the flowsheet areas of leaching and product recovery. The testwork program was delivered under a research services agreement between Tivan and the CSIRO. 

Testwork was performed on high-grade (2.44% V2O5) Speewah concentrate prepared before Tivan’s acquisition of the Speewah Project. The concentrate was produced in 2011 when approximately six tonnes of RC drilling samples were processed with magnetic separation.

The CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and is one of the largest and most multidisciplinary mission-driven research organisations in the world, operating at 49 sites across Australia and sites overseas. 

The TIVAN+ technology has been developed to optimise extraction of value from the vanadium, iron and titanium contained in VTM feedstocks. 

The technology is based on leaching and selective product recovery (precipitation) processes to recover vanadium pentoxide, magnetite and a titanium pigment feedstock. Development of the TIVAN+ technology under the RSA has progressed as planned and testing addressing the aspects of leaching and product recovery has finished on schedule. 

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