RIU Sydney Resources Round-up: ‘Bargain opportunities’ on show as market sentiment improves

With the mining conference circuit showing no signs of slowing down, an estimated 1,500 delegates are set to descend onto the 2024 RIU Sydney Resources Round-up for what is touted to be “a great, action-packed three days”.

The conference, held at the Darling Harbour’s Hyatt Regency Hotel on 7-9 May 2024, is a conference launched in 2004 at which Australia’s miners and explorers present their stories to the richest investment centre in the country. 

Mining.com.au is a media partner of this year’s conference.

Showcasing just shy of 100 ASX-listed junior small and mid-market cap minerals companies – including Terra Uranium (ASX:T92), Impact Minerals (ASX:IPT), Torque Metals (ASX:TOR), Viking Mines (ASX:VKA) and Great Boulder Resources (ASX:GBR) – the conference allows mining executives to promote their company’s credentials via a formal exhibition and presenting program. 

Speaking to Mining.com.au, RIU and Vertical Events Business Development Manager Jaxon Crabb says investors attending this year’s event can expect to see a “large, and diverse” range of resource companies at what he describes as “the largest investment resources conference on the east coast”.

Crabb adds that estimates support a turnout of roughly 1,500 delegates despite the downturn in market sentiment to begin 2024. 

If successful, this will make it the second year in a row of record attendance since the conference’s inception in 2004. 

“We are exactly on target to be consistent with that number,” Crabb says.

“There are 96 companies presenting at RIU Sydney next week, and it has such a wide range of companies that are involved in different commodities that it really provides that central position for investors to come to the show and know that the event caters for all. 

But that’s why our numbers seem to be tracking to be very consistent to what they were last year, when we hit the highest number we’ve ever had at RIU Sydney.”

Crabb adds that investors attending this year’s event should keep a keen eye on TG Metals (ASX:TG6) in regards to its activities in the Lake Johnston region of Western Australia.

However, Crabb is not oblivious to the recent newsflow emerging from a bullish copper market. 

According to Trading Economics, copper is currently trading at just under US$4.53 (roughly $7) per pound — a 17.66% increase over the last year. 

Copper historically reached an all-time high of US$5.02 ($7.75) in March 2022.

“I think there’s a lot of good work coming out of a lot of the copper companies,” Crabb adds.

One such company Crabb highlights is Hillgrove Resources (ASX:HGO). As previously reported, the company is continuing to ramp up production at its Kanmantoo Underground Copper Mine in South Australia over the next few months.

Production increased to 719 tonnes at Kanmantoo in April 2024, up from 239 tonnes in February and 589 tonnes in March, and demonstrated copper recoveries of 90%.  

Crabb also notes that investors can expect to hear from a range of gold companies during a time of record breaking price increases for the desired precious metal. 

In April 2024, gold reached a new all-time high of over US$2,373, according to ABC Bullion. 

“The beauty is that the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up brings a lot of smaller cap resources companies that may have been hit really hard price wise in the last couple of months with the downturn of the market,” Crabb says. 

“As the market sentiment improves, there’s a lot of bargain opportunities, so to speak. And the good opportunities that exist at RIU Sydney is that you really get that engagement because every company who’s presenting is also exhibiting.

So you can go back to their booth and have a chat with them and learn a little bit more about the company than what they were able to get across in their 10 or 15 minute presentation slot.”

However, this is but a taster of what is to come at this year’s RIU Sydney Resources Round-up.  

“As an investor here, you have access to some very well credentialed independent organisations in the resources sector that are going to speak highly about the current state of the industry,” Crabb explains. 

“And then you’re going to get exposure to a huge range of companies and have accessibility to talking further with their representatives at the booth.”

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