Kalgoorlie Gold Mining to follow-up on Pinjin targets 

Kalgoorlie Gold Mining (ASX:KAL) is preparing an upcoming drill program at its Pinjin Project in Western Australia, having defined numerous gold targets via extensive geophysical reinterpretation and targeting. 

A first-pass aircore drilling program is expected to begin shortly on the Wessex and Harbour Lights targets, designed to test geophysical and structural targets associated with gold mineralisation. 

At Harbour Lights, KalGold reports there is extensive gold mineralisation along strike on adjacent tenure. The target extends from the tenement boundary to 4.8km south.

Meanwhile at Wessex, there are extensive gold intercepts up to the tenement boundary near the Anglo Saxon Gold Mine. KalGold plans to drill along the tenement boundary anomaly to test the extent. 

Managing Director Matt Painter says the company has uncovered several parallel target zones within the Laverton Tectonic Zone and believes its approach will offer a chance to identify shallow gold accessible for open pit mining. 

“We are excited to recommence low-cost aircore programs very soon following a hot, stormy summer at Pinjin to test undrilled targets across a tenement boundary from historically and recently drilled mineralisation on Hawthorn Resources’ (ASX:HAW) Anglo Saxon ‘Trouser Legs’ Mining Lease.

“At Harbour Lights, recent intercepts reported by Hawthorn are located 200m north of KalGold’s tenements and will be followed up by testing along strike in the northernmost part of the 17km-long Harbour Lights-Kirgella trend.”

The company has also uncovered a series of targets throughout Pinjin that will be systematically explored. Harbour Lights and Wessex are the first to be tested that will begin to build on the work completed to date at Kirgella Gift and Providence. 

Kirgella Gift and Providence lie on the same trend as Harbour Lights and the T12 target. Although, east of Kirgella Gift are a series of target areas that are along strike from the Anglo mine and the Rebecca Gold Project. 

KalGold says these new target areas are yet to be explored on-ground by the company and have only been subject to cursory historic exploration. 

At Pinjin, the company aims to define shallow gold mineralisation for open pit mining to feed nearby gold mills. KalGold says this will be done by testing a variety of structural and geophysical targets throughout the area. 

Further, the company has submitted 2 new exploration licence applications within the Pinjin Mining Centre, E31/1377 and E31/1378. The targeting program conducted on Pinjin has not yet been conducted on these new applications. 

Kalgoorlie Gold Mining is a gold explorer with a large portfolio of projects in Western Australia. 

As of 31 December 2023, the company had about $1.48 million in cash and cash equivalents at hand, according to its latest financial report. 

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