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Podium Minerals demonstrates ability to produce saleable PGM concentrate from Parks Reef PGM Project, WA

Podium Minerals (ASX:POD) reports it has demonstrated the ability to produce a saleable Platinum Group Metals (PGM) concentrate using typical flotation practices from its Parks Reef PGM Project in Western Australia.

The processing of the Parks Reef orebody and the extraction of the PGMs and base metals is a key development focus for Podium Minerals. Recently demonstrated flotation and downstream hydrometallurgical leaching options provides exciting opportunities for the project.

Podium Minerals notes the results demonstrate the potential to consider the production of ‘high-grade’ PGM products which could be supplied as direct feed to global refineries, circumventing the need for smelting. Additional benefits include higher metal payables as well as the ability to reduce the projects logistic costs.

Future work will focus on refining leach and flotation steps to enhance recoveries.

Podium Minerals is planning to become Australia’s first PGM producer. The significant scale and grade of the Parks Reef Resource provides Podium the opportunity to support an emerging and responsible Australian critical metals mining industry.

Managing Director and CEO Sam Rodda commented: “It is gratifying to demonstrate the ability to produce a saleable PGM concentrate using typical flotation practices. However, it is more exciting to report on the strong recoveries demonstrated by the atmospheric leach process.

 “It is gratifying to demonstrate the ability to produce a saleable PGM concentrate using typical flotation practices”

Extracting high metal recoveries via the leach process to create a product suitable as a PGM refinery feed is a significant milestone for Podium and our shareholders. The leach test work has successfully demonstrated recovery for both oxide ore and sulphide ore. Leaching test work, when compared to the flotation process, could deliver a step change in unlocking value for Parks Reef due to the potential for Podium to produce a higher-grade product attractive to PGM refineries globally.

This process offers new potential avenues to develop our project and routes to commercialise our products.

Further metallurgy work will investigate optimisation of our product suite considering existing refineries, customers, and end-markets. We believe that one of the key benefits associated with a high-grade refinery product would be the ability to drive the marketability and stewardship of the products produced from Parks Reef.

Supply chain provenance is becoming more important globally for downstream off-take parties and customers sourcing feedstock for their PGM and base metals refineries, and Podium is positioning itself to be a responsible and stable supplier of PGMs to the global market.”

The Parks Reef 5E PGM Project is a 15km long platinum group metal deposit which also contains gold and base metal (Cu, Ni and Co) mineralisation. The orebody commences near surface and to date has been identified to continue to about 500m vertical depth, which remains open and shows consistency with near surface geology.

The location of Parks Reef in a mining friendly jurisdiction in Western Australia provides a unique opportunity secure an alternative and reliable platinum group metals supply to meet increasing global demand for decarbonised technologies that require PGMs (auto catalysts and hydrogen energy/fuel cell catalysts).

Parks reef

The Parks Reef PGM deposit has 2 distinct ore domains, an oxide zone that resides from the surface to about 45m deep, and a sulphide ore zone that starts at about 45m and continues to the base of the orebody.

The orebody remains open at depth. As detailed in previous announcements, the Parks Reef deposit has 8 potentially  payable metals, being the 5 platinum group metals (5E PGMs comprising: platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh), iridium (Ir) and gold (Au)) and the base metals of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co).

Podium has the potential to deliver high-value, downstream critical minerals from the Parks Reef PGM project. PGM products are required to support the enormous decarbonisation activities required to reduce carbon emissions and meet both national and global 2030 and 2050 emission reduction targets. Podium is well placed to support the emerging demand for PGMs created by hydrogen electrolysers and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

PGMs are fundamental metals to facilitate the development of the hydrogen energy revolution and Podium is positioning to be a responsible and stable supplier.

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