Kairos identifies four large gold targets at Kangan Project

Kairos Minerals Ltd (ASX: KAI) revealed that four significant new gold targets were identified at its 100%-owned Kangan Project, located just 20km from De Grey Mining’s Hemi discovery in Western Australia.

The company reported that a large anomalous gold target was identified adjacent to major regional structures identified from new aeromagnetic and soil geochemistry data. KAI said that this target is one of four gold targets identified at Kangan following a recent Ultrafine soil geochemistry program.

Kairos said that heritage surveys and 5,000m of air-core drilling are planned for October/November at Kangan.

The company reported that the RC rig has completed eight 8 holes for 1,424m at Fuego to date, intersecting broad zones of sulphides (pyrite) in conglomerates, sandstones, and black shale.

KAI said that sub-audio magnetics (SAM) survey was completed at Fuego, with further surveys planned at the Tierra prospect and at Mount York.

Kairos said that the drill pad preparation was completed at the Mt York Project, with RC drilling scheduled to commence immediately after the Fuego program.

Kangan project

Kairos’ 100%-owned Kangan Project has one granted Exploration License, E45/4740, and one application license E45/4731. The project is located 90km south of Port Hedland along the Great Northern Highway and 20km south-east of the new Hemi gold discovery by De Grey Mining Limited.

Geochemical program at Kangan

The company had recently completed a geochemical sampling program at Kangan. This geochemical program is part of the regional CSIRO soil research initiative. Soil sampling was conducted on first pass 200m and 400m line spacing by 80m and 160m sample intervals covering intrusion related gold mineralisation targets and structural targets defined by mapping and by the preliminary data from the airborne geophysical survey.

Kairos reported that it has now received all of the results from a first-pass regional soil geochemical program.  KAI said that a total of 1,594 soil samples were collected within E45/4740 and submitted to Labwest in Perth for Ultrafine Analysis.

Four gold targets generated

The company announced that the initial interpretation of the Ultrafine gold and multi-element results, along with the results of the airborne magnetic survey, has generated four gold targets within the E45/4740.

The company said that the new targets include a large gold target that sits in a favourable geological position for potential intrusive-hosted gold discoveries.

Target 1: This target is defined by a major north-south structural zone which is coincident to a 3km long geochemical anomaly. This north-south interpreted structure marks the eastern margin of the gold-in-soils anomaly and is similar to large regional structures adjacent to the Hemi Deposit and is of a similar orientation to the newly discovered Falcon intrusion. This target area has a zone of elevated auriferous pathfinder elements associated with granitic intrusions and is traceable for over 15km to the south-east. This zone is approximately 1 km wide and includes Mo, U, Pb, Nb, Sb, Ag, As, Cu & Co anomalies.

Target 2: This target is a gold-in-soil anomaly coincident with some magnetic features. S and Sr are also elevated within this target area.

Target 3: This target is defined by a 3.5km long geochemical anomaly coincident with magnetic features and lithological boundaries (intrusion contact). On the western area of this target there is a gold anomaly coincident with a local magnetic anomaly where previous Kairos mapping has described a BIF unit. On the eastern area of this target lies the peak gold anomaly, 48.5ppb, associated with the Sisters Supersuit and the Callina Supersuit contact.

Target 4: This target is a low-level gold anomaly coincident with a magnetic feature. An in-fill soil sampling program is planned for early October, to further define the intrusion-related-gold targets.

AC drill program planned

In light of the new discoveries, Kairos said that it has decided to prioritise an initial aircore drilling program to test the targets next quarter. KAI announced that it has requested a heritage survey to be completed in October with a 5,000m aircore drilling program planned for November.

Drilling at Fuego prospect

The Fuego prospect is part of the Croydon Project, located 120km south of Port Hedland in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Kairos said that it has completed eight Reverse Circulation drill holes (FGRC001 to FGRC008) for a total of 1,424m at Fuego. The company said that 365 samples were dispatched to Perth for gold and multi-element assays, and the results for this first batch are expected in late September. The samples were composites of 4m intervals and included QAQC standards.

The company said that the logging of the drill chips has identified four distinct sedimentary units: conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone, and black shale.

SAM Survey

The company said that a ground-based geophysical program [Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) survey] has been completed for Fuego Prospect within the Croydon Project, as well as the Iron Stirrup and Old Faithful prospects within the Mt York Project.

KAI reported that approximately 190 line kilometres of survey have been completed to date, with data processing and interpretation currently underway.

The company announced that the SAM survey is currently in progress over the Tierra prospect of the Croydon Project, with 70 line kilometres planned to cover over 5km strike of the geochemical anomaly.

Updates and next steps

The company said that the RC drilling is ongoing at the Fuego prospect. Kairos said that further mapping, geochemistry, rock chip sampling, and drilling are planned.

Upcoming plans include the completion of the SAM survey at the Tierra Prospect, Croydon Project; data processing and interpretation for the SAM surveys; RC drilling at the Mt York Project; in-fill soil sampling program at the Kangan Project; heritage survey, and air-core drilling at the Kangan Project; and finalizing the Skywell soil sampling program. KAI said that earthmoving for drill pads have been completed at Mt York project area.

Management comments

Kairos’ Executive Chairman Terry Topping said: “Our systematic approach to exploration across the Pilbara Gold Project is continuing to generate results across a number of fronts.

Results have been received from the recent Ultrafine soil geochemistry program at Kangan and together with newly interpreted aeromagnetic data, have generated four gold targets.

The largest of these is a coincident geochemical and geophysical feature that sits on the margin of an intrusion in a geologically favourable position just 20km from De Grey Mining’s exciting Hemi discovery. We plan to commence heritage surveys with a view to testing these new targets as soon as possible, clearing the way for initial aircore drilling in October/November this year.

In the meantime, RC drilling is continuing at the Fuego prospect with eight holes completed to date. We are encouraged by the initial indications from this drilling, with broad zones of sulphides intersected in conglomerates, sandstones and black shale. Assays are awaited and drilling is progressing to allow us to complete the initial program at Fuego.

Drill pad preparation at the Mt York Project has now been completed and the rig will relocate from Fuego to Mt York as soon as the current program is completed, to drill extensions of the Mt York, Iron Stirrup and Old Faithful deposits. In total, we expect to drill ~5,000m across the two project areas.”

Written By Jonathan Norris
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