Galileo Mining’s modelling confirms significant Fraser Range nickel target

Galileo Mining Ltd (ASX: GAL) announced that the EM data from the additional geophysical modelling at the Delta Blues nickel-copper prospect in the Fraser Range region of Western Australia has verified a highly conductive body with a shallow depth in the range of 125 – 185 metres.

GAL said that the gravity modelling shows the conductors at Delta Blues occur on the margins of gravity highs interpreted to represent intrusive source rocks. The company also noted that the magnetic inversion and attribute analyses show features consistent with pyrrhotite sulphide from known nickel deposits.

Independent EM modelling

Galileo had recently commenced the independent modelling of EM data from the DB2 target at the Delta Blues prospect within the Fraser Range region.

GAL announced that the EM modelling of EM data from the DB2 target at the Delta Blues prospect has confirmed the location of the conductor within a range overlapping with the original modelling.

The company said that the priority EM conductor at the Delta Blues DB2 target was corroborated by an independent geophysicist with results from modelling demonstrating a robust target. GAL said that the modelled parameters fall within a range of 1,500 to 5,000 Siemens, with a strike length between 350m and 500m, and a depth extent between 250m and 500m. Depth to the top of the conductive source was estimated at between 125 and 185 metres below surface.

Galileo said that all modelled parameters indicate a sizeable conductive body that may be related to sulphide mineralisation. The company said that the interpretation of gravity and magnetic data further supports the possibility that the target is associated with magmatic sulphide mineralisation.

The updated parameters of the DB2 model are as shown below.

The company said that this provides confidence in the models which will be used to design drill programs to test for mineralisation. GAL reported that the drilling programs at Delta Blues will be undertaken following receipt of statutory approvals and completion of on-ground preparatory work.

Review of detailed aeromagnetic data

Galileo said that in addition to the independent geophysical modelling of the EM data undertaken by Geopotential Pty Ltd, the company had commissioned a review of the detailed aeromagnetic data over the DB2 prospect.

GAL said that consultant geophysicist Barry de Wet, who was the former Chief Geophysicist at BHP and Ivanhoe, carried out this evaluation which included magnetic attribute and inversion modelling. Combinations of vector data attributes (MVI) are used to produce three component magnetic vectors that describe the anomalous vector direction.

CGAL said that comparing the results of MVI and magnetic inversion modelling at the DB2 target with that from the Nebo nickel deposit in Western Australia demonstrated similarity in responses.

The company said that the MVI analysis suggests that the conductive response at DB2 is associated with an accumulation of pyrrhotite sulphide however the potential metal content (nickel and/or copper) of any sulphide present can only be determined through drill testing.

What’s next?

The company reported that the EM surveying is ongoing over areas interpreted as prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation. GAL said that the further work would also include drill testing of target areas.

Management comments

Galileo Managing Director Brad Underwood said: “We have completed our target generation work at the Delta Blues prospect and are ready for the drill testing phase to begin. All available information presents a compelling case for the potential of mineralisation at the prospect. Electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, and aircore drilling data, have combined to create a well-developed drill target.

Drill testing is now required to determine what we have in the ground at this location. Meanwhile, regional EM surveying continues to cover large areas of ground with the aim of identifying additional high-quality targets for drilling.”

Image Source: Galileo Mining Ltd

Written By Jonathan Norris
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