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De Grey reports strong results from resource definition drilling at Brolga

De Grey Mining Limited (ASX: DEG) announced that wide zones of consistent gold mineralisation were intersected in near surface 40m x 40m resource definition (infill) drilling at Brolga on section 30680E within its Hemi Gold Discovery, located approximately 60km south of Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Standout results included 78m @ 2.8g/t Au from 33m; 127m @ 2.1g/t Au from 34m; and 83m @ 2.3g/t Au from 140m.

DEG said that the infill section at 30680E reduced drill hole spacing in the eastern portion of Brolga to 40m x 40m for resource definition purposes and demonstrates excellent continuity of mineralisation. The company said that the mineralisation is open down dip on the section and will be extended in future drilling programs.

Impressive results from resource definition drilling

The company had recently undertaken resource definition (infill) drilling at each of the zones at Hemi, including at Brolga.

DEG announced that wide zones of shallow gold mineralisation were intersected on section 30680E of the Brolga zone which is 40m east of the original discovery section 30640E.

Section 30640E

Significant results from section 30640E included 78m @ 2.8g/t Au from 33m in HERC569; 127m @ 2.1g/t Au from 34m in HERC570 including 92m @ 2.7g/t Au; 144m @ 2.3g/t Au from 37m in HERC571 including 6m @ 3.8g/t Au, 43m @ 3.6g/t Au and 43m @ 3.4g/t Au; 108m @ 2.2g/t Au from 65m in HERC572 including 15m @ 1.8g/t Au, 53m @ 3.0g/t Au and 18m @ 2.7g/t Au and 16m @ 1.5g/t Au from 189m; 93m @ 1.3g/t Au from 101m in HERC573 including 31m @ 1.0g/t Au and 44m @ 1.9g/t Au; and 83m @ 2.3g/t Au from 140m in HERC574 including 72m @ 2.6g/t Au.

Section 30760N

Significant results from recent resource definition drilling on section 30760N included 6m @ 5.8g/t Au from 75m and 7m @ 2.2g/t Au from 125m in HERC576; 7m @ 3.1g/t Au from 146m in HERC577; and 4m @ 4.8g/t Au from 104m, 16m @ 2.9g/t Au from 136m and 2m @ 9.7g/t Au from 160m in HERC578.

Section 30360N

Significant results from recent resource definition drilling on section 30360N included 17m @ 1.4g/t Au from 114m, 5m @ 7.7g/t Au from 150m and 23m @ 1.3g/t Au from 177m in HERC669; and 34m @ 1.6g/t Au from 192m in HERC670.

PQ DD hole

The company reported that a PQ diamond hole, HEDD018 was drilled for multiple purposes with assays pending. DEG noted that HEDD018 is one of currently 16 PQ diamond holes being drilled across Brolga, Aquila, Crow, and Falcon.

Extensional drilling

De grey reported that extensional drilling is currently underway to the west and south of Brolga. The company said that this drilling is following up previously reported results in the west of Brolga including 256.0m @ 0.9g/t Au from 287m in HERC392D and potential shallower extensions into the Brolga South area.

Updates and next steps

DEG reported that programs of follow-up RC and diamond drilling aimed at extending resources at depth and laterally are underway. De Grey said that further work would include follow up aircore drilling to test for strike extensions to mineralisation.

Management comments

De Grey Managing Director, Glenn Jardine, said: “The results returned from near surface resource definition drilling have confirmed the scale, consistency and endowment of the Brolga zone at Hemi. The new results also demonstrate Brolga’s amenability to large scale, low strip ratio, open pit mining. The resource definition drilling is being undertaken to support the confidence of the maiden resource for Hemi timed for mid-year.

The Company currently has four RC rigs operating in the Greater Hemi area. These are deployed drilling extensional and exploration targets at Diucon/Eagle, south of Falcon, south of Brolga and at Scooby. Three diamond rigs are extending depth potential across Hemi. Three aircore rigs are advancing exploration for new discoveries.”

Image Source: De Grey Mining Limited

Written By Jonathan Norris
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