Anson locks in all Utah drilling approvals

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) is ready to kick off resource drilling at its Green River Lithium Project in Utah, US having secured all necessary regulatory approvals to drill.

The company reports that its Notice of Intent to drill has been given the green light by the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining (UDGOM), Minerals Division, and an Application Permit to Drill (APD) has also been granted. Anson was required to submit the APD due to the planned drilling depths in the Green River area. 

With regulatory environmental, cultural, and land surveys already completed in the area and a drilling rig already secured for the planned work, Anson says drilling at Green River can begin ‘immediately’. 

The drilling will target the Bosydaba 1 well, which lies adjacent to the area of the proposed Utah Sample Demonstration Plant (USDP). 

Anson plans to drill to a total vertical depth of roughly 3,292m, and the drillhole and pad will be located on flat, sparsely vegetated ground that will require minimal earthworks before the rig can start spinning. 

Through the drilling, Anson will target the ‘highly porous’ horizons of the Pennsylvanian Formation lastic Zone and Mississippian Units, which the company says have resulted from the geological structures in the region. 

While previous exploration found that both the Clastic Zones and Mississippian Units contained supersaturated brines, Anson says no assaying for lithium has been carried out. The company’s drilling will allow the brines to be collected and coring to be carried out on the major horizons of interest. 

This will pave the way for laboratory testwork, and Anson says the resulting data could then be used to delineate a mineral resource estimate for the Green River Project. 

Further, once the well is completed, the company expects that the brine will be able to flow directly to its proposed USDP, allowing for 24/7 operations to produce a high-purity lithium carbonate product. The demonstration plant will utilise both the direct lithium extraction and the downstream purification process. 

Anson Resources is a junior resources explorer with a portfolio of projects in multiple commodities. The company’s core asset is its Paradox Lithium Project in Utah. 

At the end of December 2023, Anson had around $22.5 million in cash and $30 million in unused financing facilities, according to its latest quarterly report. 

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