Venus Metals reports further high-grade gold Currans Find North

Venus Metals Corporation Limited (ASX: VMC) has announced impressive Stage 3 drill results from its Currans Find North Prospect near Youanmi, WA.

The company reported that the results of the recently completed Stage 3 RC drilling program at Currans Find North Prospect confirm the along-strike continuation of the high-grade gold zone.

Best results from Stage 3 RC drilling include 1m @ 39.61 g/t Au from 94m; 1m @ 13.32 g/t Au from 110m; and 4m @ 5.28 g/t Au from 90m.

It may be noted that bonanza-grade gold intersections were previously reported from Stage 1 and 2 RC drilling at the Currans Find North Prospect.

The company also announced a drilling update on its Golden Victoria prospect.

Currans Find JV

Currans Find is a joint venture between Venus Metals and Rox Resources, each having a contributing 45% interest. The original vendor, prospector, Doug Taylor, retains a 10% free-carried interest in the project.

Currans Find North is located within the underexplored Youanmi greenstone belt in a geological setting similar to that of the nearby historical Penny West gold mine and Spectrum Metals’ Penny West North discovery.

Gold mineralization at Currans Find, often of very high grade, is hosted in multiple ENE trending quartz veins within mafic, ultramafic and intermediate rocks.

Previous RC drilling programs at Currans Find

VMC had previously reported the discovery of significant high-grade gold intersections from its Stage 1 and Stage 2 RC drilling programs at the Currans Find JV gold project.

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 drilling had revealed bonanza-grade gold intersections in the Lower Lode.

Significant hits include 3m @ 32.58 g/t Au from 115m including 1m @ 76.03 g/t Au from 115m; 4m @ 9.25 g/t Au from 46m including 2m @ 16.05 g/t Au from 48m; 3m @ 27.5 g/t Au from 39m including 1m @ 72.67 g/t Au from 39m; 2m @ 13.34 g/t Au from 61m including 1m @ 25.38 g/t Au from 61m; and 3m @ 25.00 g/t Au from 109m including 1m @ 57.15 g/t Au from 110m.

High-grade results from Stage 3 drill program

The Stage 3 RC drilling program totalling 602m in 5 holes was recently completed at Currans Find North prospect.

Significant results from Stage 3 RC drilling include 1m @ 39.61 g/t Au from 94m (Lower Lode); 1m @ 13.32 g/t Au from 110m (Upper Lode), and 2m @ 3.84 g/t Au from 128m (Lower Lode); 4m @ 5.28 g/t Au from 90m (Upper Lode) Including 1m @ 15.30 g/t Au from 92m and 2m @ 5.05 g/t Au from 111m (Lower Lode).

VMC reported that the Stage 3 results confirm the presence of two stacked lodes at Currans North and show an increase in gold grade and width in the Upper Lode.

Venus metal said that the results also demonstrate that the gold mineralization remains open at depth and downplunge.

Geothermal signature identified

VMC reported that the multi-element analyses of high-grade gold intersections from Stage 3 and previous drilling by the Company has identified a distinct geochemical signature.

The company said that this will be used to target similar lodes elsewhere within the Currans Joint Venture mining lease and the adjoining Venus Joint Venture exploration licences.

Update on Golden Victoria prospect

The company reported that four reconnaissance RC holes at the Golden Victoria Prospect and one RC hole that targeted the HEM 11 conductor were drilled during the Stage 2 campaign.

VMC said that results of up to 5.2 g/t Au in one meter from 47m depth confirm the presence of significant gold mineralization in the regolith at the Golden Victoria Prospect.

Next steps

VMC said that Stage 4 RC drilling is planned to test the down-plunge extension of the stacked high-grade gold lodes at the Currans North Prospect, and explore down-plunge and along-strike at the Red White and Blue Workings.

The company said that the Stage 4 RC drilling will also test other new targets based on historical drill data within the mining lease, as well as any potential targets generated by the IP geophysical survey.

The company said that a further RC drilling is planned at Golden Victoria Prospect to explore the bedrock potential for high-grade gold mineralization.

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