Twenty Seven Co unearths ‘highly fertile’ fractionated pegmatite at Mt Edon project, WA

ASX-listed explorer Twenty Seven Co (ASX:TSC) reports the presence of a ‘highly fertile’ fractionated pegmatite following rock chip sampling at its Mt Edon REE Project in Western Australia. 

The results, generated by 9 rock chip samples taken from four pegmatite fields, indicate that the newly discovered fractionated pegmatite is prospective for rare earth elements (REEs) such as tantalum (Ta2O5), lithium (Li2O) and caesium (Cs2O). 

Results also confirm the lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) fertility of the greater pegmatite field, which is host to six pegmatites with a mapped surface outcrop strike length of 6.4km and have returned average LCT grades of up to 1.0% Li2O, 1106ppm Cs2O and 211ppm Ta2O5.  

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In addition, lithium grades of up to 2.7% Li2O are reported to be associated with tantalum grades up to 1046ppm Ta2O5 and Cs2O grades of up to 5057ppm.

However, the average mineralisation of the pegmatites has to be confirmed through detailed drilling and resource assessment. 

Commenting on the results, Twenty Seven Co COO, Simon Phillips said: “The reported results further confirm the geological setting of highly fertile untested pegmatite for rare elements such as tantalum, lithium and cesium.

“The reported results further confirm the geological setting of highly fertile untested pegmatite for rare elements such as tantalum, lithium and cesium”

These identified targets will be tested immediately with our planned drilling reconnaissance program commencing next week. The Mt Edon project adds further exposure with the recently announced RTX Joint Venture to drill untested identified lithium targets at the Rover project near Sandstone.”

The company also notes that these highly anomalous samples support the identified 14 drill targets over eight drill fence lines, which are currently being drilled by a recently commenced phase one due diligence reconnaissance drilling program. 

The drilling campaign has commenced with a goal of targeting the outcrop of the fractionated LCT pegmatites in order to identify zonation development of the pegmatites and will terminate at depths from 30m to 60m. 

All approvals under the current POW are now in place, with access tracks and fence drill lines now fully constructed and cleared.

Twenty Seven Co is an ASX-listed explorer comprising two tenure groupings located in Western Australia and New South Wales that are prospective for gold (Au), silver (Ag) iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) and base metal mineralisation. The company’s recently acquired Mt Edon project is located about 5km from the Paynes Find Greenstone Belt and is considered prospective for highly valuable critical metals, including tantalum, caesium, lithium, rubidium and other REEs.   

With results from the rock-chip sampling now received, Twenty Seven Co announces phase one reconnaissance drilling is currently ongoing. 

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