OD6 secures $180,000 WA Gov grant to power exploration at Splinter Rock Rare Earth Project

OD6 secures $180,000 WA Gov grant to power exploration at Splinter Rock Rare Earth Project

OD6 Metals (ASX:OD6) has received a grant of $180,000 from the Western Australian government to conduct drilling at the Splinter Rock Rare Earth Element (REE) Project in Western Australia.

The company’s drilling program proposed under the WA government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) application is associated with confirming the findings of the Airborne Electromagnetic Survey (AEM) and digital elevation model (DEM) studies to determine the extent, quality, and characteristics of the deposit model at the Splinter Rock Project.

Additionally, OD6 reports the aircore and diamond core drilling will also provide insight into the geological controls of the mineralisation and help to define the optimal mining methods and processing techniques required to extract and recover REEs.

We recognise the Western Australian government’s support for the exploration industry”

The diamond drill core will be used by OD6 and its research partners, ANSTO, Murdoch University, and CSIRO, to conduct metallurgical testwork to confirm mineralogy and processability of REEs along with specific gravity measurements.

OD6 states this program is critical to confirm the REE deposit model and advance the exploration and development of the deposit.

Commenting on the EIS, OD6 Metals Managing Director Brett Hazelden said: “We recognise the Western Australian governments support for the exploration industry and in particular the efforts of the many exploration and development companies also awarded a grant that are focussed on the emerging critical minerals industry.

The critical minerals industry, which includes OD6’s focus on rare earths, is at an important incubation stage with the support of State and Federal Governments being essential to make Australia a driving force in the future provision of these minerals to the world.

OD6 looks forward to potentially being one of the next major mineral discovery and development stories, that will create jobs and deliver economic growth to the Esperance Region and more broadly Australia.”

The EIS is a State Government initiative that aims to encourage exploration in Western Australia for the long-term sustainability of the State’s resource sector.

The Co-funded Exploration Drilling Program is a flagship program of the EIS. It is a competitive program, open for applications twice a year, which offers up to a 50% refund for innovative exploration drilling projects, capped at specific amounts.

OD6 states it has been offered the maximum of $180,000 under the co-funded drilling program, but has not received or signed The Funding Agreement as of the date of this announcement (24 April 2023).

Additionally, this amount is subject to the signing of and abiding by the conditions set out in the agreement, which incorporates schedules and details pertaining to the proposed project.

The signed, full agreement must be returned before 1 June 2023, and no EIS co-funded drilling can begin before that date.

OD6 Metals is an Australian public company, pursuing exploration and development opportunities within the critical mineral sector. The company’s Splinter Rock and Grass Patch Projects are located in the Esperance-Goldfields region of Western Australia.

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