Navarre commences collaboration with CSIRO for Stawell project

Navarre Minerals Limited (ASX: NML) has announced an encouraging update on its Stawell Corridor Gold Project in western Victoria.

The company reported that it has commenced a collaborative research project at the Stawell Corridor Gold Project with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

NML reported that the research project will use the latest advanced technologies, including supercomputer-based simulations of deformation-fluid flow transport processes involved in the formation of gold deposits, to aid exploration by highlighting potential drill targets on the flanks of the Irvine and Langi Logan basalt domes.

Navarre said that the past studies on the nearby 4Moz Magdala gold deposit in Stawell have provided an understanding of the structural history and shape of the basalt which can be used to estimate the pathways of fluid flow (location of gold mineralisation) around the basalt domes at the time of gold mineralisation.

NML reported that the funding of the research project is supported by a grant recently approved by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through the Innovation Connections scheme of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, with the remaining funding provided by Navarre.

The company announced that the research will be coordinated by CSIRO in Perth, Western Australia with estimated completion of data collection and computer modelling by April 2020.

Stawell Corridor Gold Project

Navarre’s Stawell Corridor Gold Project, located in Western Victoria, incorporates the Irvine and Langi Logan gold projects and five other basalt dome targets.

The project captures 60 kilometres of a multi-million-ounce gold zone, stretching south from the recently re-opened Stawell Gold Mine, operated by Melbourne-based private equity firm, Arete Capital Partners Pty Ltd.

Grant to be used for funding research programme

Navarre reported that it has received an award of a grant under the Innovation Connections scheme of the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Innovation Connections

Innovation Connections scheme is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneurs’ Programme aimed to drive business growth and competitiveness by supporting business improvement and research collaboration in targeted growth sectors.

Collaboration with CSIRO

The company said that this grant will assist with funding a collaborative research programme with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO Mineral Resources Division. CSIRO has a history and track record of innovation working with the gold sector.

The company said that this research program is intended to identify potential sites of gold mineralisation along the flanks of the Irvine and Langi Logan basalts within Navarre’s Stawell Corridor Gold Project.

NML said that the CSIRO research project is led by Dr. Peter Schaubs, Team Leader (3D Structural Geology and Numerical Modelling) who is an accomplished structural geologist with intimate knowledge of Victorian gold deposits.

Steps of research project

The company reported that the research project will use the latest advanced technologies to identify broad areas of high fluid flow in order to reduce the search space and direct drill testing towards areas of potential concealed gold mineralisation.

First step

NML said that the first step in the research is the collection of representative samples from diamond drill core from the Irvine Gold Project of both mineralised and host rocks to characterise their varying petrophysical properties including magnetic, gravity and electrical responses.

The company said that the petrophysical characterisation is expected to improve understanding of the origin of the different geophysical responses and if those responses are related to gold mineralisation.

This will support further interpretation and modelling of Navarre’s existing geophysical data to more accurately model the distribution and geometry of basalt domes at depth, including the effects of faulting.

Second step

NML reported that the second step in the research project is to simulate the deformation driven fluid flow and heat transport processes involved in the mineralising event using a supercomputer.

The supercomputer-based approach has the advantage of being able to run multiple (10-100s) of simulations simultaneously, allowing an efficient test of a wide range of geological inputs where geometry, rock properties and boundary conditions can be varied.

The company noted that the results of the models have the potential to indicate prospective sites for mineralisation by identifying locations with optimal fluid focusing.

Computer simulation for 5 more targets

Navarre expressed confidence that there is significant potential to apply computer simulation not only for high-grade gold mineralisation at depth at Irvine and Langi Logan but also for the five other basalt dome targets yet to be appraised within the Stawell Corridor Gold Project.

The company said that this is another example of Navarre’s innovative approach in reducing the time and cost of exploration by minimising ground disturbance with smart geology and targeted drilling.

Management comments

Navarre’s Managing Director, Mr. Geoff McDermott said: “Navarre is excited to be collaborating with the CSIRO in cutting-edge, innovative research on our flagship Stawell Corridor Gold Project. Our Stawell Corridor Gold Project contains at least seven potential “Magdala” analogues in a 60km long tenement package south, on-strike of Stawell’s Magdala Gold Mine.

Magdala’s mineralisation is believed to have resulted from periods of high fluid flow during periodic episodes of high strain.

The research will aim to identify potential high fluid flow sites at our Irvine and Langi Logan basalt dome projects for drill testing.”

Written By Jonathan Norris
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