Mount Burgess Mining is continuing to uncover germanium potential at Nxuu deposit in Botswana

Southern Africa explorer Mount Burgess Mining (ASX:MTB) is starting to unravel the mystery of germanium encountered at both its Nxuu and Kihabe deposits in Western Ngamiland, Botswana. 

The company, which has a $3.53 million market capitalisation, has assembled data for all drill holes assayed for geranium, which is usually associated with gallium in zinc deposits and is used in fibre-optics and high-brightness LEDs, at the Nxuu deposit. 

The company has confirmed 32 of the 52 holes drilled into the main zone of the deposit during 2 drilling programs completed in 2017 and 2021 have been assayed for germanium. 

These results, which have been affected by recent price increases, have now been based on applying a single 3 grams per tonne (g/t) low cut grade. 

The company notes the average 40.2% of drill hole lengths in quartz wacke containing germanium mineralisation of 4.3g/t is made up of varying ranges of lengths within the 32 holes, and range from 2m (5.4%) in hole NXDD033 on Section 17 to 37.58m (100%) in NXDD030 on Section 15. 

These could represent a ‘significant’ credit for the totally oxidised, shallow basin shaped deposit, where the average depth of mineralisation is only 41.95m, the company says. 

Mount Burgess also notes the inclusion of germanium, gallium, and vanadium ‘significantly’ extends the overall mineralised zones beyond those of the zinc-lead-silver mineralisation zones. As a result, these germanium, gallium, and vanadium extensions will ‘significantly’ reduce the waste to ore ratio potentially to less than one to one. 

This announcement comes only 48 hours after it had received firm commitments from sophisticated and professional investors to raise $530,000 before costs to support the ongoing work at Kihabe and Nxuu, as reported by on 26 July 2023.

Under the capital raise Mount Burgess is expected to issue more than 132.4 million shares at $0.004 per share, with about 7.5 million of the shares on offer being anticipated to be taken up, subject to shareholder approval. 

With 32 of the 52 holes drilling in previous drilling now assayed, Mount Burgess Mining announces testwork will now be conducted on the gallium and germanium, with hopes that it will be floated into high percentage concentrates due to it being hosted in micas. 

Mount Burgess Mining is an ASX-listed explorer focused on exploring and developing its Kihabe and Nxuu zinc/lead/silver/germanium and vanadium deposits in Botswana. 

The company’s Kihabe-Nxuu Polymetallic Project is located on the border with Namibia, about 700km north of Botswana’s capital Gaborone.

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