Mount Burgess receives ‘significant’ credits for Nxuu

Mount Burgess Mining (ASX:MTB) has received recent drilling assay results that represent ‘significant’ credits for the Nxuu deposit, located in Botswana. 

The $3.4 million market capitalisation company reports 40 holes were drilled into the Nxuu deposit, which have shown gallium (Ga) and germanium (Ge), alongside vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), which potentially reduce the amount of un-mineralised waste. 

A total of about 1,711m of drilling to the base of mineralisation (BM) was conducted, averaging 42.79m per hole. 

Mount Burgess reports a total of 231.9m (13.5% to BM) contain Kalahari sand cover, averaging 5.8m per hole. 

Meanwhile, a total of 535.7m (31.3% to BM) contain combined zinc/lead/silver (Zn/Pb/Ag) mineralisation, which also includes 514.39m (30% to BM) of combined V2O5/Ge/Ga mineralisation. 

The company also reports a total of 662.8m (38.7% to BM) of combined V2O5/Ge/Ga mineralisation, above, in between, below, and outside of Zn/Pb/Ag mineralisation. 

Further, a total of 1,198.5m, being 70% of metres to BM, contain combined Zn/Pb/Ag/V2O5/Ge/Ga in 40 drillholes. 

The company says the combined V2O5/Ge/Ga mineralisation, above, in between, below, and outside of the Zn/Pb/Ag mineralisation effectively more than doubles the mineralisation based solely on the base metal mineralised envelope. 

Mount Burgess notes that these results show the potentially ‘positive’ contribution V2O5/Ge/Ga could make to Nxuu’s waste to ore ratio. 

The company is planning to undertake additional drill testing within the exploration target area as conditions permit. 

Mount Burgess Mining is an ASX-listed exploration company, actively developing its Kihabe and Nxuu deposits in Botswana. The Kihabe Project lies in Western Ngamiland on the border of Namibia.

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