Lucapa recovers 41 diamonds from kimberlite bulk sample at Lulo Project in Angola

ASX-listed diamond mining and exploration company Lucapa Diamond Company (ASX:LOM) reports it has recovered 41 diamonds weighing 66.05 carats from a kimberlite bulk sample at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola. 

The company reports bulk sample KBS/164/01, which consisted of about 5,641 wet tonnes of kimberlite material processed from Lulo kimberlite L164, returned 41 diamonds weighing 66.05 carats. This included 2 ‘Special sized’ diamonds weighing 15.27 carats and 12.37 carats respectively.

Lucapa says this yielded an average grade of 3 carats per 100m-cubed, or about 1.17 carats per 100 tonnes (cpht), and an average stone size of about 1.61 carats.

It also notes the processing of KBS/164/01 has confirmed it is a primary source hosting special sized diamonds.

Commenting on the diamond find, Lucapa Diamond Company Managing Director Stephen Wetherall says: “We are delighted with the result and recovery of special sized diamonds from this Lulo kimberlite sample.

The Lulo kimberlite exploration program has delivered tangible proof that the Lulo kimberlite province hosts primary sources containing specials, confirming Lucapa’s and our partner’s long held views.

Preliminary indications are that the kimberlite deposit has a very coarse average stone size of 1.61 carats which, compares very favourably to 2 of the coarsest primary source kimberlites globally, the Mothae and Letšeng mines in Lesotho.”

“Preliminary indications are that the kimberlite deposit has a very coarse average stone size of 1.61 carats”

Lucapa reports the varying size frequency distributions and the differing diamond characteristics from the many alluvial diamond mining blocks continue to provide evidence there are multiple primary sources contributing to the secondary alluvial resource on the Lulo concession.

Moving forward, the company says it will continue with the processing of all kimberlites on the priority list  to ensure all large stone bearing kimberlites are identified and taken to the next stage of evaluation.

Kimberlite L164 is located south of the Canguige Catchment area and was placed on the priority kimberlite bulk sample list due to its indicator mineral content.

Lucapa is an diamond miner and explorer with assets in Africa and Australia. The company’s portfolio includes a 40% interest in the Lulo Diamond Mine in Angola shared with Angola’s national diamond company Endiama, and privately held Angolan company Rosas and Petalas. 

It also holds a 70% interest in the Mothae Kimberlite Mine in Lesotho in collaboration with the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and the Merlin Diamond Project in the Northern Territory.

Images: Lucapa Diamond Co Ltd
Written By Harry Mulholland
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