Lucapa Diamond achieves milestone with 30th +100 carat diamond recovered from Lulo Diamond Mine, Angola 

Lucapa Diamond (ASX:LOM) reports the discovery of a 113 carat white Type IIa diamond from its Lulo Project in Angola’s Lunda Norte diamond heartland. 

The 113 carat stone represents the 30th +100 carat diamond ever recorded by Lulo and the 5th +100 carat diamond recovered this year. 

As announced by the company on 21/09/2022, the diamond is also the second +100 carat stone found in the last week, following Lucapa’s discovery of a 131 carat diamond of the same type. 

Addressing the discovery, Lucapa Managing Director, Stephen Wetherall, said: “The Lulo alluvial mine continues to produce diamonds of great size and quality.

“The lulo alluvial mine continues to produce diamonds of great size adn quality”

With the stand-alone kimberlite bulk sampling plant now in operation and processing the priority kimberlite samples, we are working hard to release the primary source kimberlite potential on the Lulo concession.”

Also, as announced by the company on 28/09/2022, this discovery comes following its commissioning of a stand-alone kimberlite bulk sample plant at Lulo, which has commenced in sampling fifteen priority kimberlites at a rate of about two samples every six weeks. 

In addition, the exceptional size and quality of alluvial diamond recoveries points to large, high quality potential of the primary source kimberlite(s) that host the diamonds being in close proximity. 

Lucapa is an ASX listed diamond miner and explorer with assets in Africa and Australia. The company has interests in two producing diamond mines in Angola (Lulo and Losotho), with the large, ‘high-value’ diamonds produced from these two African mines attracting some of the highest prices per carat for rough diamonds globally.  

The Lulo mine is located about 630km east of the Angolan capital city of Luanda in the country’s Lunda Norte diamond heartland and has been in commercial production since 2015. Exploration over the past decade, Lucapa and its partners, Endiama and Rosas & Petals, have successfully proven Lulo to be one of the world’s most prolific alluvial diamond fields and have defined up to 100 kimberlite pipes, with Lucapa being the operator of both the alluvial mining and kimberlite exploration activities at Lulo.  

Current kimberlite exploration is designed to locate the hard rock sources of exceptional Lulo alluvial diamonds. 

Lucapa announces that it remains focused on identifying the primary kimberlite potential on the Lulo concession. 

Images: Lucapa Diamond Co Ltd
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