Lake Resources' drill operations at Cauchari

High-flow brines intercepted at Lake Resources’ Cauchari lithium project

Lake Resources NL (ASX: LKE) has announced the interception of high-fluid flows of conductive brines under pressure in the diamond drill hole at its fully-owned Cauchari Lithium Brine Project in Argentina.

The company reported that high fluid flows of conductive brines under pressure were intercepted at 261m depth, with high conductivities of 284 mS/cm, at its Cauchari Lithium Brine Project.

LKE noted that these preliminary field results suggest the potential for even better results than the strong lithium values of 480 mg/L recently reported from 186m depth.

It may be noted that conductive brines have been reported with similar results as the adjoining major project which demonstrated that Lake is drilling in the same basin with similar brines.

The company said that the target is a ~350-450m deep sand horizon which has recorded higher lithium values and fluid flows in the adjoining project. The rig is currently below 270m depth.

Cauchari lithium brine project

Cauchari Lithium Brine Project is a part of the Cauchari-Olaroz project (~19,000 Ha). It is 100% owned by Lake Resources and located in Jujuy Province in Argentina.

The project is immediately adjacent to the Olaroz lithium brine operations of Orocobre Ltd and the Cauchari lithium brine projects being developed by Lithium Americas, SQM, Gangfeng, and Advantage Lithium Corp.

Diamond drilling at Cauchari

LKE announced that its recent drilling has intercepted conductive brines with high fluid flows under pressure and sampled at a depth of 261m, with high conductivities of 284 mS/cm and density readings of 1.200 g/cm3.

It may be noted that the company had previously reported a slightly lower conductivities of 225 mS/cm with strong lithium values up to 480 mg/L from 186m depth.

The company said that these new results echo similar lithium brine horizons in the upper sections of drillholes reported from the adjoining pre-production area of Ganfeng/Lithium Americas and Advantage Lithium / Orocobre joint venture.

Since Lake is drilling in the same basin with similar brines, the company said that better results are being anticipated at depth.

Rig below 270m

Lake reported that the drill hole is targeting a sand horizon estimated between 350-450m 450m which has recorded higher lithium values and fluid flows in the adjoining project. The company said that the rig is currently below 270m depth.

The company reported that the current drilling aims to unlock value from this rapidly emerging project, located immediately adjacent to a world-class brine project in pre-production in the Lithium Triangle, approximately 500m from the Ganfeng/Lithium Americas Cauchari project. Lake said that it is targeting the same sand horizons.

Future plans

LKE said that the testing and sampling is very preliminary using field testing techniques and accredited results will follow.

The company said that the results are expected to extend the proven resources in adjoining properties into LKE’s area. This is then expected to be followed by drilling extensions to the Olaroz area in LKE’s 100% owned Olaroz leases.

Management comments

Lake’s Managing Director Steve Promnitz commented on the latest update: “High fluid flows of brines under pressure is exactly what any operator would want to see when drilling a lithium brine filled basin.

Recent lithium results confirmed the potential for our Cauchari project to replicate the success of similar projects, and vindicate our long held view that the basin is fault-bounded and extends beneath thin alluvial cover. Further results will be released when available and progress to date with this rig continues to be very encouraging.”

Written By Jonathan Norris
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