Globe Metals begins trading on German exchanges

Globe Metals & Mining (ASX:GBE) has begun trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE), various regional German stock exchanges, and the Tradegate Exchange under the ticker symbol G4U. 

The $21.62 million market capitalisation company hopes its cross-listing will increase brand recognition and liquidity in the central European capital markets.

It is the company’s belief that cross-trading in the European capital markets will assist overseas investors to ‘participate in the Globe story’ while it progresses the development of the Kanyika Niobium Project.

The cross-listings follow the reactivation approval of Globe’s legal identity identifier number, providing the company with a pool of new potential investors that will expand its shareholder base, increase liquidity, and introduce Globe to a wider audience. 

The company’s shares will continue trading on the ASX under its current ticker. 

On 5 April 2024, Globe Metals & Mining enlisted Euroswiss Capital Partners as a strategic and financial partner to help increase brand recognition and liquidity in the central European markets, as reported by  

According to Globe, the FSE is one of the world’s largest international trading centres for securities. Operated by the Deutsche Börse Group, the FSE is the largest of Germany’s eight stock exchanges, and is responsible for roughly 90% of all securities traded in Germany.

The Tradegate Exchange is a German electronic securities exchange founded in 2009 that specialises in the execution of private investor orders. It was the first German electronic, over-the-counter trading system for securities with immediate, automatic executions linked to an information platform on the internet for private investors.

In addition to FSE and the Tradegate Exchange, Globe has activated cross-listings on the Berlin Stock Exchange (BER), the Hamburg Stock Exchange (HAM), and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (SWB).

Globe Metals & Mining is a Perth-based explorer focused on its Kanyika project in central Malawi.

The Kanyika project sits roughly 55km northeast of the regional centre of Kasangu and is secured by mining licence LML0216/21, which grants the company security of tenure and the right to mine niobium, tantalum, and deleterious uranium.

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