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Fenix Resources reaches 1.25 Mt milestone production rate at Iron Ridge

Fenix Resources Limited (ASX: FEX) announced that it has passed a new milestone production rate at its flagship Iron Ridge mine in Western Australia, one month ahead of schedule. FEX noted that Iron Ridge reached a steady-state iron ore production rate after the completion of the ramp-up.

The company reported that road haulage rates from the Iron Ridge mine to the port storage facility in Geraldton have now reached nameplate levels of 1.25Mtpa.

Road haulage in March

Fenix reported that in the first eight days of March 2021, road haulage totalled 28,653 wet metric tonnes (wmt), exceeding the 1.25Mtpa rate. The company said that this was achieved with a fleet of 19 Fenix-Newhaul prime mover and trailer combinations supplemented by a subcontractor fleet of up to 12 units.

Two bulk shipments per month

The Western Australian high-grade iron ore producer said that it is now able to schedule two bulk shipments (~60,000wmt each) per month for the foreseeable future. FEX said that to date, in excess of 100,000 wmt of iron ore products (lump and fines), has been sold.

The company said that two further ships are booked for loading on or around 18 March and 28 March 2021, underpinned by current port stocks of approximately 50,000 tonnes, crushed ore stocks at the mine of around 25,000 tonnes, and ROM stocks of approximately 40,000 tonnes.

Management comments

Fenix Resources Managing Director Rob Brierley said: “I’m proud of the achievements of the Fenix team, in collaboration with our keys service providers Fenix-Newhaul, MACA Mining, Alpha and Champion Bay Electrical.

We have built a sustainable iron ore export business in a short space of time and have done so with due respect for the heritage value of the area around Iron Ridge, the environment and the health and well-being of our people”.

*Image Source: Fenix Resources Limited

Written By Jonathan Norris
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