Coda Minerals nets 99% recoveries from Emmie Bluff concentrate using Albion process

Coda Minerals (ASX:COD) reports it has completed initial metallurgical test work on the Emmie Bluff Copper-Cobalt deposit, as part of its 100% owned Elizabeth Creek Project in South Australia.


The metallurgical recovery test work, conducted via the well-established Albion process, marks a ‘major’ step forward towards unlocking the economic potential of the deposit. Developed in the 1990s, the Albion process is an atmospheric leaching process for processing zinc concentrate, refractory copper, and refractory gold.


Coda reports that the results of the test work have delivered an opportunity for the company to lower the cost of on-site production for ‘high-value’ copper-cobalt products.


Speaking on the results, Coda Chief Executive Officer Chris Stevens stated: “An on-site hydrometallurgical plant has been in the back of our minds throughout the Scoping Study process, especially once we came to appreciate the volume of copper and cobalt contained within the Emmie Bluff Mineral Resource.

We think Elizabeth Creek has the potential to become a major producer of critical future minerals, and the ability to sell value-added products like copper cathode or cobalt sulphate

“We think Elizabeth Creek has the potential to become a major producer of critical future minerals, and the ability to sell value-added products like copper cathode or cobalt sulphate – which has historically sold at a substantial premium to LME cobalt – represents a significant boost to the project.


The Albion process represents a more efficient option from both a capital and operating cost perspective to take our concentrate product through those final steps compared with other options like pressure oxidation and makes the development of such a plant potentially much more viable.


That said, while extremely encouraging, these results don’t lock us in to any particular decision, and we remain open to discussions around the marketing of our copper-cobalt concentrate product.


As part of the Scoping Study process, our goal is to maximise the value of the Project by carefully considering the economic impact of our choices, including questions as fundamental as what our final product should be.” 


The company also notes that initial recoveries greater than 99% has been achieved for copper and cobalt mineralisation and acts as a standout result that will deliver a major boost for the on-going Elizabeth Creek Scoping Study.


In addition, achieving recoveries at these levels represents a major boost towards the project becoming a potential supplier for ‘future-facing’ metals for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery markets.


The Elizabeth Creek Project is located about 30km south-east of the township of Woomera within the Olympic Copper Province of South Australia and covers a total land holding of 701km-square.


The project’s associated tenements are 100% owned by Coda Minerals with the Emmie Bluff deposit boasting a 2012 JORC-compliant maiden Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) of 43,300,000Mt with a 1.84% grade cut-off.


With metallurgical test work now complete Coda Minerals reports that on-going work by the company’s engineering consultants is set to be completed within the coming weeks with hopes of refining mining efficiency across all three project deposits.

Images: Coda Minerals Ltd
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