Breaker Resources report strong drill results at Lake Roe

Breaker Resources NL (ASX: BRB) has announced highly encouraging results from early reconnaissance drilling in several areas at its Lake Roe Gold Project in Western Australia.

The company reported that the initial focus of the reconnaissance drilling currently underway to unlock the full potential of the 8.5km-long gold system at Lake Roe is on discovery and establishing lode geometry outside Resource envelope prior to ongoing Resource build.

BRB announced strong preliminary results from shallow, wide-spaced drilling in three new areas, Bombora South, Claypan Prospect, and Kopai Prospect.

The company said that high-grade intersection of 3.22m @ 11.22g/t Au at Bombora South establishes +400m-long zone of west-dipping gold mineralisation upgrading potential over a large area.

BRB reported bedrock (primary) gold results up to 4m @ 2.72g/t Au upgrade potential for significant new gold zone at Claypan Prospect, 1.3km southeast of Bombora Resource.

The company said that a new +400m-long zone of >1g/t bedrock gold was identified by geochemical drilling at newly coined Kopai Prospect, 3km north of Bombora.

BRB reported that the RC and diamond drilling will soon move to the Kopai/Crescent area while incoming assay results from Claypan/Bombora South areas are assessed.

The company said that a third (diamond) drill rig start-up is imminent, targeting extensions of the Tura, Daisy and Mindil lodes below the current Resource.

Lake Roe project

The Lake Roe Project is located 100km east of Kalgoorlie between two large gold deposits, Carosue Dam mine, and Karonie gold deposit.

The Lake Roe Project comprises six granted exploration licences, plus a mining lease, with an overall area of ~550sqkm.

Breaker identified a significant new 6km-long gold system at Lake Roe in August 2015. Three subsequent phases of RC drilling resulted in three separate gold discoveries that now constitute one continuous 3.2km-long discovery, Bombora.

The Bombora South and Crescent Prospects are situated along strike from the main Bombora discovery.

Shallow drilling at Lake Roe

The company had commenced a major drilling program at Lake Roe to systematically build the 1Moz Resource. BRB said that the initial focus is on discovery and extensions outside the shallow Resource envelope as the Company enhances its understanding of the geometry of the gold mineralisation over the full extent of an 8.5 km-long greenfields gold system, prior to resource definition drilling.

Results announced

Breaker Resources said that results were reported for one diamond drill hole (168m) at the Bombora South Prospect; an initial nine reverse circulation (RC) holes (1,678m) at the Claypan Prospect; and 397 aircore holes (20,118m) completed in November 2019 mainly to assess several regional targets extending up to 17km north of the Bombora.

Bombora South prospect

The Bombora South Prospect is located directly south of the Bombora deposit. BRB reported the results for a single diamond drill hole (BBDD0087) at the Bombora South Prospect, total depth 168.7m.

The main objective of the diamond drilling was to pin down the orientation of the main mineralized faults controlling the gold mineralisation, prior to follow-up resource drilling.

Claypan prospect

The Claypan Prospect is located 1.3km southeast of Bombora.

The objective of RC and diamond drilling in this area is to locate and assess the bedrock source of a large 2.5km x 500m gold anomaly defined by previous aircore drilling.

The company has reported the results for the first nine of 40 reconnaissance RC drill holes planned in the Claypan and adjoining Bombora South areas (BBRC1428-1436; total metres 1,678m).

Regional AC Drilling

BRB said that a total of 20,118m of geochemical aircore drilling (397 aircore holes) was completed as a preliminary assessment of several regional targets extending up to 17km north of the Bombora Resource in early November 2019.

The main objective of the drilling was to gauge the prospectivity to guide further evaluation. Limited aircore drilling was also completed directly east and west of Bombora to assess the potential for waste dump locations.

Strong drill results

The company announced strong drill results in three new areas outside 1Moz Resource.

Bombora South prospect results

BRB reported that the drill hole BBDD0087 at the Bombora South Prospect intersected a high-grade lode and returned an intersection of 3.22m @ 11.22g/t Au after drilling from north to south across the Inlet Fault, a major structural break.

The company said that the intersection confirms a continuous 400m-long, high-grade, west-dipping lode that links with other previous significant drill intersections to the north and south of the Inlet Fault.

BRB said that the preliminary emerging picture is that the Bombora South Prospect is dominated by west dipping gold mineralisation. Meanwhile, the results for a further five completed diamond drill holes are pending.

Claypan prospect results

The company reported that notable gold mineralisation was intersected in five of the nine holes completed.

Some of the best intersections include 12m @ 1.17g/t Au (including 4m @ 2.72g/t Au) in BBRC1434 and 4m @ 1.64g/t Au in BBRC1436, based on preliminary 4m composite samples.

Meanwhile, results are pending from the remaining 31 RC holes (eight RC holes still to be drilled). Results are also pending from a follow-up diamond drill hole to determine the geometry of the mineralisation.

Regional AC drilling results

BRB reported that the aircore drilling to the north of Crescent outlined a 400m-long zone of >1.0g/t Au bedrock gold (Kopai Prospect) in the 4km zone directly north of Bombora.

The company said that the results were significant because of the high-grade gold intercepts (eg. 2m @ 1.36g/t Au in BAC2410) reported in a geochemical phase of drilling.

BRB said that significant gold and pathfinder anomalism was also identified on a wide drill hole spacing in the BAC2141/2321 area, and directly east of Bombora.

The company said that the results upgrade the potential of a 4km long zone directly north of Bombora Resource that includes Crescent Prospect.

Updates and next steps

The company reported that RC and diamond drilling resumed on 10 January 2020 following a break over Christmas. BRB said that drilling is expected to continue throughout 2020, typically involving at least three drill rigs.

BRB said that RC and diamond drilling will shortly transition to Kopai/Crescent area while pending assay results from Claypan and Bombora South areas are assessed.

The company said that a third (diamond) drill rig targeting the down-plunge depth extensions of the Tura, Daisy and, Mindil lodes below the current Resource is planned to start in the coming fortnight.

The company said that the initial hole will be a deep (~1,200m) diamond drill hole at the southern end of the Bombora deposit. The drill hole is part of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) co-funded drilling program.

Written By Jonathan Norris
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