Black Cat announces new lode at Trump North, encouraging results along Myhree-Boundary Corridor

Black Cat Syndicate Limited (ASX: BC8) has announced a highly encouraging update on activities at the Bulong Gold Project including results from recent drilling.

The company reported that a new lode was intersected at Trump North, 300m north of Trump, confirming the Trump Corridor extends over 1,100m.

Important results include 4m @ 13.46 g/t Au from 50m and 5m @ 2.00 g/t Au from 72m at Trump North; and 2m @ 10.14 g/t Au from 64m at Trump.

BC8 announced that the extensional drilling at Myhree and Boundary confirm continuous mineralisation along the 1,650m corridor which remains untested beyond the drilled extents.

New results include 6m @ 7.58 g/t Au from 268m and 3m @ 2.96 g/t Au from 266m at Myhree; 1m @ 26.00 g/t Au from 92m at SAM Target 2; 5m @ 3.35 g/t Au from 53m at Boundary; and 2m @ 5.47 g/t Au from 138m at SAM Target 1.

The company reported that Trump and Boundary Resource upgrades are now underway with results to be reported later in September 2019.

BC8 said that additional Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) surveys to extend the Myhree-Boundary corridor 2km north and 1.5km south are underway, with field work complete and processing in progress.

The company announced that the feasibility studies have commenced at the Myhree deposit with metallurgical testwork and geotechnical studies in progress.

Black Cat said that the exploration RC drilling of targets in the Greater Woodline area will commence in early October 2019.

Bulong Gold project

The Bulong Gold project is located in Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields.

Black Cat has 100% control of ~82 sq kms of the Bulong Gold Field with ~84% of tenements granted and numerous targets on Mining Lease. There are numerous high grade open cut and underground targets on mining leases with drill ready targets at Bulong Gold Field.

Bulong Gold project comprises of Queen Margaret Package South, Queen Margaret Package North, Porphyny Package, Woodline Package, and Anomaly 38.

The project’s mineral resources are located over 2.4 kilometres on the Myhree-Boundary, Trump, and Queen Margaret corridors.

Trump Corridor

The Trump Corridor lies ~700m west of the Queen Margaret Corridor and contains similar stratigraphy in an under-explored area that strikes north-south parallel to the Queen Margaret Corridor.

Myhree-Boundary Corridor

The Myhree prospect is an area of sporadic shafts sitting between the Queen Margaret Corridor and the Trump Corridor. The Boundary prospect is located 1,400m to the north of Myhree.

Queen Margaret Corridor

This corridor is 5km long and contains the Queen Margaret Mine which was mined between 1893-1912 producing ~96koz at >1oz/t Au from a high grade shear on the contact of a porphyry.

SAM Survey and RC drilling at Bulong Gold project

The company had completed Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) survey along the Myhree-Boundary, Trump and Queen Margaret Corridors. This SAM survey was used as an effective targeting tool at Bulong.

The company had commenced RC drilling at Trump, Boundary, Myhree, and Melbourne United.

Drill results at Trump

The company announced that RC drilling at Trump consisted of 12 holes for 1,030m. The drilling was designed to test for extensions of the Trump Resource and to undertake first pass drilling of the corridor to the north.

A structural break identified in the SAM survey ~300m north of previous drilled mineralisation was the first target.

The company said that the recent drilling intersected mineralisation beneath a moderate depletion zone. Results include 4m @ 13.46 g/t Au from 50m, and 5m @ 2.00 g/t Au from 72m at Trump North;  2m @ 10.14 g/t Au from 64m, 1m @ 3.65 g/t Au from 43m, and 3m @ 2.23 g/t Au from 128m at Trump.

Drill results at Boundary

The company announced that RC drilling at Boundary consisted of 12 holes for 1,766m. The drilling was designed to extend and connect Resources at Boundary with SAM Targets 1 and 2.

Black Cat said that the results continue to show extensive mineralisation throughout the Corridor. Important results include 5m @ 3.35 g/t Au from 53m at Boundary; 2m @ 5.47 g/t Au from 138m at SAM Target 1; and 1m @ 26.00 g/t Au from 92m, and 2m @ 3.44 g/t Au from 64m at SAM Target 2.

Drill results at Myhree

The company announced that RC drilling at Myhree consisted of four holes for 1,100m. Drilling was designed to test for potential strike extensions at depth.

The company said that the drilling successfully intersected mineralisation in two of the four holes, allowing better definition of the mineralised zone. Results include 6m @ 7.58 g/t Au from 268m; and  3m @ 2.96 g/t Au from 266m.

Drilling at Melbourne United

The company said that the RC drilling was also completed at Melbourne United. Drilling consisted of 18 holes for 1,726m. Drilling was designed to test the potential for extensions of the Melbourne United mineralisation along strike to the north.

Most of the holes intersected the prospective stratigraphy. Results included 4m @ 2.86 g/t Au from 82m; 1m @ 3.26 g/t Au from 18m; and 1m @ 1.28 g/t Au from 131m.

Additional SAM surveys

The company said that field work for additional SAM surveys has recently been completed. These surveys will extend the previous SAM survey along the Myhree-Boundary, Trump, and Queen Margaret Corridors 2km to the north and 1.5km to the south.

The survey area to the north is underexplored and contains numerous historic working on the Queen Margaret Corridor and the undercover Virgin Dam deposit on the Trump Corridor.

The survey area to the south covers the three Corridors down to Bulong Road and will provide detail over historically worked areas including Melbourne United and Strathfield as well as the underexplored Myhree-Boundary and Trump Corridors to the west.

The company said that the new SAM surveys will be used to delineate additional high priority targets along each of the Corridors for near term drilling.

Drilling planned at Greater Woodline

The company announced that after completion of the current Myhree Resource infill program, the RC drill rig will move to the Greater Woodline area to begin testing the Anomaly 38, Woodline, Fenceline, and Solitaire targets.

This area contains one of the largest alluvial goldfields in Western Australia with high grade historic results.

Next steps

Black Cat reported that it is continuing an exploration program which will target extension of mineralisation at Boundary, Myhree, and Trump, as well as test high priority targets in the Greater Woodline area.

The company reported that the follow up drilling at Trump North will commence in October 2019.

BC8 said that work is currently underway to add the drill results at Boundary to the Boundary Resource, with infill and extensional holes planned to be added in the coming months.

The company said that infill drilling within the potential pit area at Myhree is currently underway, with results to be incorporated into a feasibility study, which is due for completion in the June 2020 quarter.

The company said that the results from Melbourne United will be added to the existing drill hole data base and used in conjunction with the recently completed SAM survey to refine the geology model for future targeting.

Other upcoming updates include Eastern Goldfields high resolution 2D seismic survey results and upgrade of Boundary and Trump Resources in September 2019 quarter; Black Cat to present at the RIU Brisbane Resources Roundup on 16 – 17 October 2019; upgrade of Resources in March 2020 quarter; and completion of Myhree/Trump feasibility study leading to potential decision to mine at Myhree/Trump in June 2020 quarter.

Management statements

Black Cat’s Managing Director, Gareth Solly said: “We are continuing to infill and extend the known Resources at Bulong which will add to our current feasibility studies. The deeper strike extensions at Myhree provide further confidence in the Resource that is the focus of the feasibility study.

Using the results of SAM surveys, it is exciting to find new lodes close to our potential mining operations. Results at Trump North show that the western most of the three mineralised Corridors continues to the north with excellent potential to add to future Resources. We expect the results of an additional 3.5kms of SAM surveys along these Corridors to also highlight additional targets.

Following completion of a recent SAM survey, drilling of numerous high priority targets will commence at Greater Woodline in October 2019. Greater Woodline remains under-explored and a significant opportunity for Black Cat.”

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