Bastion maps new pegmatite corridors at Morrissey

Bastion Minerals (ASX:BMO) has discovered new lithium-bearing pegmatites and potential new pegmatite corridors via initial mapping and sampling at its Morrissey Project in Western Australia. 

The field program uncovered pegmatites which show similar characteristics to other areas of the regional Ti Tree shear zone. The pegmatites are interpreted to post-date the massive granite intrusion and, as a consequence, prospective for lithium. 

Bastion says the field program also identified and interpreted at least two pegmatite phases that exist within the property. One of the pegmatites has a high spectrometer radiation response, with extensive associated carnotite mineralisation. 

The other pegmatite has a low scintillometer response, with potential for lithium.

A scintillometer is a scientific device used to measure turbulent fluctuations of the refractive index of air caused by variations in temperature, humidity, and pressure. 

Executive Chairman Ross Landles says recent fieldwork confirmed the area hosts abundant pegmatite outcrop and subcrop. 

“We have a total of 211 rock chip samples in two sets, evaluating lithium, uranium, and rare earth mineralisation and to evaluate what other elements are elevated within the property,” he says. 

Once all the sampling and mapping results have been received — expected in four weeks — Bastion will focus on follow-up exploration. 

A full review of rock chip analytic results for lithium and associated pathfinder elements will be undertaken to evaluate potential corridors of lithium fertility. 

Once completed, a follow-up field exploration program to increase rock chip sample density, coverage, and to map out uranium, lithium, and rare earths will be carried out. 

These activities aim to generate first-pass exploration drilling targets. 

The Morrissey Project covers 15.58km2 in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. 

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