Anax confirms lithium zones at Whim Creek

Anax Metals (ASX:ANX) has confirmed cohesive in-situ lithium anomalies at the Whim Maar and Loudens Patch prospects in Western Australia, after receiving soil and rock chip sampling results.

At Whim Maar, results returned up to 72 parts per million (ppm) lithium in soils. Meanwhile at Loudens Patch results returned up to 161ppm lithium in rocks. 

Following this discovery at both prospects, the $21.49 million market capitalisation company extended its lithium exploration further across the Whim Creek Project. 

Anax plans to conduct mapping and rock chip sampling extensive pegmatite outcrops across the central Whim Creek Project, as well as expedite heritage clearances to enable defined fertile pegmatite swarms and Whim Maar and Loudens patch to be drilled to sample fresh pegmatites below ground. 

Soil sampling is currently ongoing at Whom Maar, with 100m gridded soil sampling being extended across the Whim Creek Dome and the southeast corner of Loudens Patch. 

The company notes mineralogical analysis and/or XRD analysis will be used to determine the lithium bearing minerals. The lead time for this work is currently 6 weeks. 

Commenting on the exploration progress, Anax Metals Managing Director Geoff Laing says: “Soil and rock chip lithium anomalies from Whim Maar and Loudens Patch are cohesive and confirm the presence of lithium. Drill targets have been prioritised ready for heritage clearance ahead of drilling. 

Anax is broadening the search for lithium across the Whim Creek Project. Large areas remain under-explored due to lack of copper potential which has historically been the target for all exploration at Whim Creek. 

High-resolution satellite imagery shows extensive outcropping pegmatite swarms, now awaiting on-site verification. Anax is preparing a field program to begin shortly, with mapping, soil and rock chip sampling at Whim Creek Dome to investigate the potential of these newly identified pegmatites.”

Anax Metals is an ASX-listed minerals explorer and developer, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. The company conducted a $1.1 million placement in early August 2023.

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