Western Mines Group has ‘clear’ evidence for ‘significant’ magmatic nickel sulphide system at Mulga Tank

Western Mines Group (ASX:WMG) believes it has ‘clear’ evidence for a ‘significant’ “live” magmatic nickel sulphide system with an ‘extensive’ footprint to exist from ongoing diamond drilling (DD) at its Mulga Tank Project in Western Australia. 

The company says drillhole MTD023, which represents the deepest hole ever drilled at Mulga Tank, has intersected a cumulative 1,100m thickness of high magnesium oxide (MgO) adcumulate dunite ultramafic across 2 sequences, which potentially represent at least 2 major magmatic events. 

Adding on, Western Mines Group notes both of these 400m sequences are described as mineralised, with 550m containing disseminated magmatic sulphides. The company also notes this ongoing drillhole validates its lopolith shaped geological model for the Mulga Tank Ultramafic Complex, and enhances the prospectivity of the project.  

It is also reported this drillhole represents the first of 2 deep co-funded EIS holes to be drilled with the aid of the company’s EIS award, which was won in October 2022.   

Drilling of hole MTD023 has been undertaken to test the centre of the Mulga Tank Ultramafic Complex in order to capture and characterise a complete cross-section of the intrusion.    

 Speaking on the drillhole, Western Mines Group Managing Director Dr Caedmon Marriott says: “With the aid of our EIS grant we simply aimed to drill the deepest part of the complex – to gather the greatest amount of geological information and understanding we could. It’s a fairly amazing result that of the 1,100m of high MgO dunite drilled so far over 550m contained disseminated nickel sulphide mineralisation. 

“It’s a fairly amazing result that of the 1,100m of high MgO dunite drilled so far over 550m contained disseminated nickel sulphide mineralisation”

The hole validates our geological model of the complex and really demonstrates a significant working nickel sulphide mineral system with huge volumes of mineralised ultramafic magma. The system has a large footprint across the complex and our goal now is to track down areas of the intrusion where this Mt-Keith-style mineralisation is best concentrated and/or where we hope it is in fact disseminated cloud sulphide above deposits of Type 1 Perseverance-style massive sulphide bodies.”

Western Mines Group also reports drilling of hole MTD023 will continue to test the basal margin of the intrusion in this area until about 100m of footwall has been intersected. Upon completion of the drillhole, a downhole-electromagnetic (DHEM) crew will mobilise to site to survey recent phase two hole MTD022 and MTD023.  

Images: Western Mines Group Ltd
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