Tietto Minerals reports exceptional new high-grade intercepts

Tietto Minerals Limited (ASX: TIE) has announced further intercepts of wide high‐grade gold mineralisation from diamond drilling of the high grade core of the AG deposit of its Abujar Gold Project, Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.

The West African gold explorer and developer reported that shallow broad high‐grade gold intercepts were confirmed by the latest diamond holes at the AG (Abujar‐Gludehi) deposit within Abujar Gold Project.

Some of the exceptional new high‐grade intercepts include 20m @ 14.80 g/t Au from 42m including 2m @ 144.3 g/t Au; and 82m @ 3.14 g/t Au from 26m including 26m @ 9.48 g/t Au.

TIE said that these latest results extend a contiguous zone of shallow (<100m below surface) ultrahigh grades (+200 gold gram‐metres) intercepted between lines 24 to 29.

The company reported that the drill program is ongoing with three company‐owned DD rigs active over the 1.4km high grade core section of the AG deposit containing 15.7Mt at 2.1g/t for 1.06Moz gold.

Abujar project

The Abujar Gold Project is located approximately 30km from the major regional city of Daloa in central western Côte D’Ivoire. The project has a total land area of 1,114km2, of which more than 90% has been unexplored.

Abujar is comprised of three contiguous tenements, Middle, South, and North tenement. It features an NNE‐orientated gold corridor over 70km striking across three tenements. Significant deposits at Abujar includes Abujar‐ Gludehi (AG) and Abujar Pischon‐Golikro (APG) deposits.

The Abujar project’s Mineral Resource Estimate as of April 2019 is 30.6Mt at 1.4g/t Au for 1.73 million ounces of gold.

DD drilling at Abujar

The company reported that intensive DD drilling is ongoing as part of a 30,000m diamond drilling campaign for a resource upgrade which is scheduled for release in Q4 CY19.

Tietto has now announced the results between Lines 24 and 29 at Abujar‐ Gludehi (AG). The company said that drilling is currently continuing from Line 22 to Line 15.

High-grade drill results

The company reported highly encouraging the drill results for DD holes ZDD084, ZDD082, ZDD079, ZDD078, ZDD083, and ZDD085.

Hole ZDD084 (Line 24B)

The company reported that the diamond hole ZDD084 was drilled to a shallow depth on Line 24B of the AG deposit.

Some of the significant intercepts with exceptionally high grade include 20m @ 14.80 g/t Au from 42m including 1m @ 128.52 g/t Au from 55m, 1m @ 160.06 g/t Au from 56m, and 1m @ 2.38 g/t Au from 58m.

Hole ZDD082 (Line 26)

The company announced that the diamond hole ZDD082 was drilled to a shallow depth on Line 26 of the AG deposit. TIE said that the assay results revealed that there is a very broad high‐grade zone of gold mineralisation.

Intercepts include 82m @ 3.14 g/t Au from 26m; including 26m @ 9.48 g/t Au from 83m including 1m @ 60.79 g/t Au from 83m, 1m @ 165.81 g/t Au from 84m, and 1m @ 4.57 g/t Au from 107m; and 4m @ 2.46 g/t Au from 26m including 1m @ 7.15 g/t Au from 28m.

Hole ZDD079 (Line 25B)

Results include 15m @ 1.51 g/t Au from 129m including 2m @ 6.61 g/t Au from 131m; and 7m @ 1.04 g/t Au from 167m including 1m @ 4.09 g/t Au from 173m.

Hole ZDD078 (Line 27)

Highlights include 13m @ 1.49 g/t Au from 161m including 5m @ 3.03 g/t Au from 169m which includes  1m @ 11.74 g/t Au from 170m; 7m @ 1.08 g/t Au from 188m including 1m @4.49 g/t Au from 188m; and 2m @ 2.11 g/t Au from 205m.

Results indicate potential

Tietto said that the high‐grade results on Line 24B and Line 26, together with the previously reported high‐grade shallow intersections from surface to 100m vertical between Line 17 to Line 29 suggests potential for a high‐grade open pittable gold resource with robust project economics.

Updates and next steps

Tietto reported that its three diamond drill rigs are currently drilling at a rate of approximately 4,500m per month at the AG deposit.

In addition to drilling between Line 22 and Line 15 to upgrade the resource categories, the Company said that it is also testing for depth extensions beneath the high‐grade core of the AG deposit which contains 15.7Mt at a grade 2.1 g/t Au for 1.06Moz Au.

Tietto reported that the drilling is on track to achieve a significant update to Tietto’s minerals resource inventory which also aims to increase the confidence classification of resources by the end of Q4 2019.

Management comments

Tietto Managing Director Caigen Wang said: “Once again, we are very pleased to report more wide, exceptionally high‐grade intercepts at AG. Our 3 diamond drills continue to hit wide high‐grade intervals on section after section.

Since May 2019, we have almost doubled the number of +50 gold gram‐metres to 31 intervals reporting greater than 50 gold gram‐metres. We now have at least 500 metres of ultra‐high grade results (5 intervals >200 gold gram‐metres) from surface between Lines 24 and 29 at AG, suggesting potential for a high‐grade open pittable gold resource with robust project economics.

We now have three company‐owned drill rigs double shifting at AG and we look forward to reporting another resource upgrade later in Q4 2019.”

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