Syndicated Metals reports high-grade gold at Newington

Syndicated Metals (ASX: SMD) has announced highly encouraging assay results from the recently completed RC drilling program at its Newington Gold Project in WA.

The company reported that the maiden 12‐hole RC drill program intersected high‐grade gold and confirmed key mineralised structures at the Newington Gold Project.

SMD said that the results confirm and extend historical intercepts at the Dawsons, Newfield East, and Newfield Central prospects, all of which remain completely open.

Significant assay results at Dawsons include 2m @ 17.53g/t Au from 76m; and 3m @ 11.03g/t Au from 51m; while highlights at Newfield East include 7m @ 1.80g/t Au from 47m; and 4m @ 2.69g/t Au from 29m.

The company reported that the results demonstrate the potential for an extensive gold system at Newington.

The results are expected to be used to target the next round of drilling which is planned to commence next month.

Newington gold project

The Newington Gold Project lies at the northern end of the Southern Cross Greenstone Belt in WA, around 380km east of Perth. This area hosts more than 150 known gold deposits that have produced over 15Moz of gold.

Maiden RC drill program completed

SMD recently completed a maiden 12-hole reverse circulation drilling program at Newington project. The drilling targeted Newfield Central, Newfield East, and Dawsons gold prospects.

The drill program was done to test for near‐surface extensions to the mineralized structures around known gold prospects and identify the potential for additional high‐grade trends in the vicinity of those prospects.

The company said that the drilling program demonstrated that the mineralised structures identified at three prospects remain open and highly prospective for highgrade gold in all directions.

Promising results in all three prospects

The company reported that the initial phase of drilling has confirmed and extended high‐grade mineralisation from historical drilling at the emerging Dawsons prospect, encountered broad zones of shallow gold mineralisation at the Newfield East Prospect, and confirmed extensions of the main mineralised structure at the Newfield Central Prospect.

Dawsons prospect

SMD said that two holes were drilled at the Dawsons prospect, SNWRC010 and SNWRC011; and the results confirm the high‐grade tenor of the Dawsons prospect and demonstrate that the mineralisation remains open in all directions.

Hole SNWRC010

Hole SNWRC010 intersected high‐grade gold mineralisation consistent with historical drilling results. Significant hits include 2m @ 17.53g/t Au from 76m; 3m @ 11.03g/t Au from 51m; 4m @ 16.60g/t Au from 83m (including 2m @ 29.95g/t Au); and 1m @ 20.01g/t Au from 105m.

Hole SNWRC011

Hole SNWRC011 was drilled as a first‐pass test targeting the step‐out position to the east of the known mineralisation. The company said that the hole intersected the laminated quartz vein and, despite only returning an anomalous gold assay, clearly demonstrated the continuation of the mineralised structure to the east.

Newfield East Prospect

The company announced that hole SNWRC012 was drilled underneath the poorly defined Newfield East prospect and intersected multiple mineralised zones.

Important assay results include 7.0 metres @ 1.80g/t Au from 47 metres, and 12.0 metres @ 0.59g/t Au from 92 metres, incl 1.0m @ 1.15g/t and 2.0m @ 2.41g/t.

The company said that this result is consistent with previous historical drilling and confirms that the mineralisation continues and remains open at depth.

Newfield Central Prospect

The company said that at the Newfield Central Prospect, a total of nine shallow RC holes were drilled. This was done to test for extensions of the laminated quartz vein in order to understand the broader controls of the gold mineralising system.

Hole SNWRC005 was drilled beneath the high‐grade shoot to the north of the old workings to test for the potential continuation of the mineralised structure at depth.

The hole intersected the laminated quartz vein that hosts the Newfield Central mineralisation and returned a notable gold assay of 1.0 metre @ 1.64g/t Au from 163 metres within a well‐developed laminated quartz vein.

Four holes SNWRC001, SNWRC002, SNWRC003, and SNWRC004 were drilled to the south of the old workings as targeted step‐out holes. SMD said that all four holes intersected the mineralised structure but only returned anomalous assays for gold.

A further four holes SNWRC006, SNWRC007, SNWRC008, and SNWRC009 were drilled north of the old workings and north of the high‐grade shoot and under transported cover.

The company said that the interpretation of geological results shows that, to the north of the old workings and un‐mined high‐grade shoot, the Newfield Central mineralised structure has been offset towards the east and therefore remains untested at this stage.

Next steps

The company said that the southern extension will be further tested in future programs for potential repeat lodes similar to the Newfield Central lode.

Future drilling is also planned to test the Newfield Central structure north of the known intersections. The additional exploration drilling is planned to take place in 2019.

Management statements

Syndicated Metals Managing Director David Morgan, said: “Being able to confirm extensions to the key mineralised structures at all of the prospects drilled is a very encouraging step forward, particularly as the new results correlate with the historical high‐grade intercepts at Dawsons and the broader shallow intercepts at Newfield East.

These results are a solid first step in unlocking the potential at Newington for the discovery of a significant highgrade gold system. All three prospects remain highly prospective for further extensions, new high‐grade discoveries and remain open in all directions.

We are looking forward to getting back on the ground in the near future to further test the potential for highgrade discoveries at Newington, with a new program of drilling scheduled to commence next month.”

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