Strategic Elements starts pre-drilling construction at meteorite impact site at Behemoth project

Strategic Elements Ltd (ASX: SOR) has announced the commencement of access track and drill pad construction at the Behemoth copper-gold-rare earths project in the Gibson desert.

The company reported that the leading drilling operator DDH1 Drilling will conduct the drilling whilst specialist exploration group OMNI GeoX will manage the program.

SOR reported that the construction of access tracks and drill pads will commence over the next few days.

The company said that it is awaiting final confirmation of availability of specialist rig most suitable for a range of conditions that potentially occur at the potential meteorite impact site. The full drilling program and schedule are expected to be provided when rig type is confirmed.

The company said that drilling is expected to begin at the potential meteorite impact site within the next 3-4 weeks.

Behemoth project

The Behemoth Project is one of three separate projects in the Officer Basin with unexplained buried magnetic ring features. It is a potential meteorite impact structure in the Gibson desert with potential for nickel, copper, gold and rare earths.

Meteorite impact structure expert Andrew Glikson proposed that the magnetic rings and other characteristics are indicative of a potential meteorite impact structure. Other scientists suggest that the magnetic rings represent an igneous ring complex.

A ground based gravity survey was conducted over the large unexplained multi-ringed magnetic rings feature at Behemoth. The gravity survey results exceeded expectations by defining a previously unidentified, very large dense body of material buried within the approx. 15 km diameter ring structure.

Encouraging IP survey results

Following the positive outcome of the gravity work, the Company had conducted an Induced Polarisation (IP) survey over sections of the gravity anomaly to detect potential zones of disseminated sulphides (as potential carriers of nickel – copper – gold). Six IP-resistivity lines were completed as part of the IP survey.

Three drill targets identified

The company reported that the IP survey successfully identified three very large (e.g 2km, 1.4km, 3km) anomalous zones of chargeable material potentially reflecting zones of sulphides within the Behemoth Project ring feature.

The Company has lodged a further 400 km2 of ground around the existing Behemoth project as a result of the positive outcomes from the recently conducted geophysical surveys.

Pre-Drilling Construction

The company reported that pre-drilling constructions have commenced, which includes access track and drill pad construction.

12 km access track

The company announced that the construction of a 12 km track via an existing road into the tenement to the proposed drill sites will commence over the next few days.

The constructed track will ensure safe access for the drill rig and support vehicles and prevent unwanted delays due to other vehicles bogging down in the sand dune dominated project area.

Drill pad

The company reported that the drill pad construction involves clearing and levelling of 25m x 20m area around the drill collar location.

The drill pads will ensure that the drill rig will be drilling safely from a flat surface. The drill pads will also allow the drilling contractor enough space for equipment laydown and safe movement of personnel around the drill rig.

Expert drilling team contracted

The company announced that a team of leading experts with a history of successful drilling programs, DDH1 drilling, and OMNI GeoX, has been contracted.

DDH1 drilling

DDH1 drilling is one of Australia’s leading mineral drilling contractors specialising in deep hole directional drilling services across Australia.

DDH1 Drilling has been involved with some of WA’s riches mineral discoveries including the recent highly successful Greatland Gold Havieron gold project, Sandfire Resources Degrussa copper-gold mine, and Nova nickel-copper project now owned by Independence Group.


OMNI GeoX is a specialist exploration group, providing a managed Operational Risk based approach to all aspects of early stage exploration in remote and/or hostile operating environments.

The Company has also enhanced the Behemoth Drill Program team with the engagement of OMNI GEOX to manage the drill program at Behemoth.

OMNI GEOX is headed by Mr. Peter Langworthy who has previously had senior roles with WMC Resources and Jubilee Mines (which was eventually acquired by Xstrata).

Next steps

The company announced that once the pre-drilling constructions are completed, it will be targeting the multiple large potential zones of buried sulphides within the magnetic rings that were identified by the recent IP geophysical surveys with several drill holes.

The company said that the drilling objective would be to strike nickel, copper, gold bearing sulphides or rare earths.

Management comments

Managing Director of Strategic Elements Ltd, Charles Murphy said “We made the decision to wait for confirmation of a particular type of rig that will be best suited to handling the conditions of the known terrain and more importantly anything that a potential meteorite impact site could potentially create at Behemoth.

Behemoth is a high risk, high reward project situated in an area that has almost no drilling or known sub-surface geology. It is an unusual project, however the feedback from a range of experts and the very large scale anomalies generated from the recent IP geophysical surveys have provided the momentum to move forward with drilling”.

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