Power Nickel launches 8,000m drilling program at Nisk

Power Nickel (TSX-V:PNPN) has begun its 2024 drilling program, comprising 20 holes totalling 8,000m, at the Nisk Project in Québec, Canada. 

It comes as the company continues its exploration ramp-up, targeting additional zones of copper, platinum, palladium, gold, silver and nickel at the Lion Zone.

Drilling will initially focus on the area of a previous discovery at the Lion Zone, with the aim of showing further depth continuity. Drilling will also test for lateral occurrences of similar polymetallic mineralised sulphide lenses. 

Vice President of Exploration Ken Williamson says drilling at Nisk Main and its surrounding area are not considered separate drilling programs, but are part of the “same greater story”

“With the working hypothesis that Nisk Main and Lion Zone could be parts of a much bigger system. What we learn at Nisk Main helps us to better interpret the Lion Zone and vice-versa,” he says. 

“We will be initiating a thorough geochemistry analysis of all current and upcoming data to determine if there’s potential genetic connection between the two zones.”

Power Nickel says the first few holes are designed to test the area below hole PN-24-051, hole PN-24-059, and hole PN-24-062, which are the three deepest intersections to date. 

The company’s current understanding of the geometry of the zone suggests a strong structural control as the zone gets transposed into metre-wide high-strain corridors at both lateral limits. 

Power Nickel notes that it is possible that the zone is being offset on each side, or that other distinct lenses have developed in proximity.

CEO Terry Lynch says the company has welcomed polymetallic explorer Steve Beresford to the team, where he is active as a special advisor. 

“Steve’s mission is to use his 40 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of drilling experience searching very successfully for giant polymetallic deposits to help guide and accelerate our exploration efforts,” he says. 

“Polymetallic deposits like Norilsk, Platreef, and Sakatti are literally the world’s most valuable due to their nature. They are very rare, but they do exist, and Nisk is giving every indication that it will follow in this line of polymetallic discoveries. 

“Steve and our team are on the site finalising the short- and medium-term exploration plans.”

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