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Pan Asia Metals continues seeing ‘plenty’ of lepidolite from drilling at Reung Kiet lithium prospect in Thailand

Pan Asia Metals (ASX:PAM) reports recent drilling results at the Reung Kiet lithium prospect in Thailand continues to return ‘plenty of lepidolite’ in the drill core with assay results to be in line with those previously received.

The battery and critical metals explorer and developer has completes 18 more drillholes at Reung Kiet and results continue to support the geological model of extensive lithium mineralisation hosted in lepidolite rich pegmatite dykes-veins and adjacent metasediments.

PAM reports that the mineralised zone is currently defined over a strike length of 1km and remains open along strike to the north and south, and at depth on many sections.

Assay results for holes RKDD062 to RKDD078 are expected in the near-term. Samples for holes RKDD079 to RKDD087 and RKDD032 (tail) are currently in transit to the laboratory.

Addressing the results, Pan Asia Metals Managing Director Paul Lock said: “Once again we are very pleased with the drilling results at Reung Kiet, we are seeing plenty of lepidolite in the drill core and expect the assay results to be in line with those previously received.

 “we are seeing plenty of lepidolite in the drill core and expect the assay results to be in line with those previously received”

Hole RKDD085 on cross section C delivered a phenomenal result, delivering 32.7m of pegmatite from 295.7m and 13.25m of pegmatite from 359.6m, demonstrating that the system continues down dip and remains open. 

This work demonstrates the scale of Reung Kiet and given the state of the supply chain and the fact that only 13 lithium projects in Australia have a Mineral Resource in accordance with JORC 2012, Pan Asia Metals finds itself in a select group of lithium project developers which can deliver into the lithium supply chain in the near future. 

Of this group Pan Asia Metals is one of the few companies which is planning to produce lithium chemicals, to this end the concentrate test work has all but been completed – with very good results – and we are about to start sulphate roast testwork – this is a process that is robust, commercially proven for the manufacture of lithium carbonate from lepidolite, and which is competitively positioned on the cost curve.”

The Reung Kiet Lithium Project (RKLP) is one of PAM’s key assets. It is a hard rock lithium project with lithium hosted in lepidolite/mica rich pegmatites chiefly composed of quartz, albite, lepidolite and muscovite, with minor cassiterite and tantalite as well as other accessory minerals.

Previous open pit mining extracting tin from the weathered pegmatites was conducted into the early 1970s.


PAM’s objective is to continue drilling with the aim of increasing and upgrading the existing Mineral Resource. The Mineral Resource will be used as part of a Scoping Study that plans to consider initial production of up to 10,000tpa of LCE and associated by-products.

PAM is focusing on lepidolite as a source of lithium as peer group studies indicate that lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide projects using lepidolite as their plant feedstock have the potential to be placed near the bottom of the cost curve. Lepidolite has also been demonstrated to have a lower carbon emission intensity than other lithium sources.

The RK Prospect was a relatively large open cut tin mine. The old pit is about 500m long and up to 125m wide. Mining of the weathered pegmatites extended up to 30m below surface, to the top of hard rock.

Pan Asia has identified a prospective zone at least 1km long for which a maiden Mineral Resource has been reported.  The pegmatite swarms remain open to the north and south and at depth on many sections.

PAM has been conducting diamond core drilling at the Reung Kiet Lithium prospect since March 2021. PAM is pleased to report the visual results for holes RKDD069-086. The holes are a mix of infill and extensional drilling.

The company has reported an Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) which is based upon the first 46 holes drilled at Reung Kiet. Ongoing and planned drilling will see the completion of an additional 50 or so holes with the aim to increase the Mineral Resource tonnage and upgrade portions from Inferred to Indicated and possibly Measured classification.

PAM notes that a Mineral Resource update is planned later this year and will aid in the completion of a Scoping Study.

The company is currently drilling holes RKDD088 and 091 and is awaiting results for holes RKDD062-078. Logging and sampling of holes RKDD087 onwards is continuing with a new batch of samples due to be dispatched to the laboratory shortly. Results for holes RKDD062 to 073 are expected in the near term. All results will be reported as they become available.

Drilling at RK is expected to be completed in a month or so. It is planned that drilling will commence at the Bang I Tum prospect around this time.

Metallurgical testwork at BGRIMM in China is being concluded with all results being incorporated into a final report. The test work is investigating flotation recovery of lepidolite into a concentrate and will produce lepidolite concentrates that will be subject to roasting and leaching test-work in Australia.

PAM has also recently initiated mineralogical and confirmatory flotation test-work at Nagrom and AMML.

PAM has also recently delivered over 100kg of half-core samples to Nagrom in Perth for the purpose of preparing a sample for ore sorting test-work to investigate preferentially recovering higher grade mineralised pegmatite and rejecting lower grade siltstone in order to increase the lithium head grade delivered from the mine to the mill. The lower grade siltstone maybe suitable to treat and/or blend with other ore to recover additional lithium micas.

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