Pan Asia maps expanded pegmatite swarm at KT East

Pan Asia Metals (ASX:PAM) says recent field work at its KT East lithium prospect has expanded the footprint of a lepidolite pegmatite dyke swarm to 2.4km by 2.4km.

The KT East prospect sits within the broader RK Lithium Project, located 70km north-east of Phuket in the Phang Nga province of southern Thailand. It lies 35km north of the RK and BT prospects, for which Pan Asia has reported mineral resources and an exploration target.

Now thought to be larger than the aggregate RK and BT prospect areas, KT East remains open to the north, east, and west. Individual dykes have been measured up to 20m in width.

“The field team is still discovering, and as previously indicated, KT East looks to be a promising pegmatite field, with field geochem results suggesting that the scale of KT East looks to have surpassed the RK and BT lithium prospects combined,” Managing Director Paul Lock says.

“Strategically, KT East is a natural extension of RK and BT, located about 35km to the south, and successful definition of a mineral resource will give PAM the scope for increased annual LCE production and/or a longer project life. The field team has been conducting its work based on easy access.”

While preliminary drilling sites have been identified and Pan Asia requires no further permits, the next step at the RK Project will be geochemical sampling and mapping to narrow down on the extent of the dyke swarm.

This will be followed by grid-based soil and rock chip sampling, along with geological mapping.

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