OD6 preparing for fresh drilling across expanded Splinter Rock basins

OD6 Metals (ASX:OD6) is lining up heritage and environmental surveys at its Splinter Rock Rare Earth Elements (REE) Project in Western Australia ahead of planned phase four drilling work. 

This comes after the $19.46 million market capitalisation company, in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), expanded clay basin areas within the project. 

OD6 says new airborne electromagnetic (AEM) modelling, combined with state-of-the-art techniques and technology provided by CSIRO, has mapped newly identified prospects. 

These prospects include the untested northeast Splinter Rock basins, designated the Tighthead and Loosehead prospects, which cover more than 135km-square at greater than 40m expected clay thickness.

Other prospects include the expanded Centre prospect basin area, which has been increased from 136km-square to 154km-square at greater than 40m clay thicknesses with ‘large’ zones of 60m to greater than 80m thick clays.    

OD6 Metals reports this work is in line with its ongoing commitment to research and development, and it will now determine the prospects for wide-spaced initial reconnaissance drilling to confirm rare earth grades, clays and cover thickness, and other geometallurgical parameters. 

The company hopes to secure a Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) permit of work to provide approval for drilling.

OD6 notes that the new modelling compares well to existing drilling, allowing it to be trained on locally-verified data to produce predictions of thickness of surface cover, upper clay sediment zone and lower saprolite zone, maps of granite outcrops and depths of clay basin floors, and prioritised target areas for ongoing exploration. 

Further, OD6 flags better modelling of the ‘Inside Centre’ area, where the company recently reported its best intersections to date with a zone of greater than 1,000m by 2,000m and greater than 60m thick as well as 1,400 parts per million (ppm) to greater than 2,000ppm total rare earth oxide (TREO). 

OD6 Metals Managing Director Brett Hazelden says the identification of these new clay basins shows that Splinter Rock is emerging as Australia’s pre-eminent clay REE project. 

“This work is invaluable and allows us to prioritise exploration targets with a high degree of confidence. 

With new clay basins identified and more accurate estimates of our defined basin areas, the Splinter Rock clay REE is emergent as the pre-eminent clay REE project in Australia.” 

“This work is invaluable and allows us to prioritise exploration targets with a high degree of confidence”

OD6 Metals is pursuing exploration and development opportunities within the critical mineral sector and has to date identified clay-hosted rare earths at its wholly owned Splinter Rock and Grass Patch projects in Western Australia. 

The company’s Splinter Rock project sits in the Esperance-Goldfields region about 30km to 150km northeast of the major port and town of Esperance. 

OD6 Metals had $2.034 million cash and cash equivalents at hand as of 30 September 2023, according to its latest quarterly report.

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