Northern Minerals reports high-grade hits from Dazzler drilling at Browns Range

Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU) has announced a highly encouraging update from the drilling at Dazzler prospect at Browns Range project in WA.

The company reported wide, shallow high-grade rare earth intercepts from Dazzler drilling. The company reported intercepts from surface of up to 7.71% TREO including 7,502ppm Dysprosium.

The company said that the drilling confirms Dazzler as a high-grade deposit with good grade continuity.

NTU announced that a Mineral Resource update is planned for January. The company reported that metallurgical testwork program has commenced on Dazzler drill core.

Browns Range project

The Browns Range Project is located 160km south east of Halls Creek in northern Western Australia and is positioned to become the first significant dysprosium producer outside of China.

The Total Mineral Resource at the Project is estimated at 8.98 Mt @ 0.63% total rare earth oxides (TREO) comprising 56,663,000kg contained TREO using a cut-off grade of 0.15% TREO.

The Mineral Resource of Browns Range comprises of six deposits; Wolverine, Gambit, Gambit West, Area 5, Cyclops and Banshee.

Dazzler deposit

The Dazzler deposit is located less than 15km from the Browns Range Pilot Plant on the edge of a small scarp slope. The maiden Inferred Mineral Resource for the Dazzler deposit has been estimated at 144,000 tonnes at 2.23% TREO comprising 3,200,000 kg TREO using a cut-off grade of 0.15% TREO.

RC drilling at Dazzler prospect

The company had recently completed infill and step-out reverse circulation (RC) drilling at the Dazzler prospect.

The drilling program focussed on the area of the scree slope below the scarp where previous drilling was undertaken. The drilling program was designed to step-out to the north of the previous drilling in order to update the existing Mineral Resource.

Further high-grade assay results have now been announced from the RC drilling.

Assays received for 12 holes

The company reported that assay results have been received for the first 12 (BRDR0037-0048) of the 51 drill holes completed at Dazzler in September.

High-grade results

The company reported high-grade rare-earths intercepts from Dazzler drilling. Significant hits include 0.44% TREO and 272 ppm Dysprosium from 6 m from BRDR0037; 0.4% TREO and 270 ppm Dysprosium from 27 m from BRDR0037; 0.53% TREO and 377 ppm Dysprosium from 6 m from BRDR0038; 0.46% TREO and 299 ppm Dysprosium from 23 m from BRDR0038; 0.52% TREO and 345 ppm Dysprosium from 4 m from BRDR0039; 0.34% TREO and 101 ppm Dysprosium from 20 m from BRDR0039; 0.91% TREO and 808 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0040; 0.21% TREO and 109 ppm Dysprosium from 22 m from BRDR0040; 0.59% TREO and 511 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0041; 0.25% TREO and 169 ppm Dysprosium from 22 m from BRDR0041; 5.27% TREO and 5293 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0042; 0.58% TREO and 491 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0043; 0.34% TREO and 212 ppm Dysprosium from 9 m from BRDR0043; 0.25% TREO and 133 ppm Dysprosium from 18 m from BRDR0043; 0.45% TREO and 333 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0044; 0.22% TREO and 95 ppm Dysprosium from 7 m from BRDR0044; 6.05% TREO and 5595 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0045; 7.71% TREO and 7502 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0046; 0.36% TREO and 177 ppm Dysprosium from 29 m from BRDR0046; 1.19% TREO and 1111 ppm Dysprosium from 0 m from BRDR0047; 0.15% TREO and 70 ppm Dysprosium from 17 m from BRDR0047; and 0.21% TREO and 113 ppm Dysprosium from 30 m from BRDR0048.

Further RC drilling

The company announced that further RC drilling at Browns Range is set to commence later this week, with exploration and resource definition drilling planned at several different deposits and targets.

Metallurgical testwork

The company reported that PQ diamond core was drilled at the Dazzler deposit in May for use as a metallurgical sample in a test work program underway at Nagrom under Northern Minerals supervision.

Mineralogy was done on the four composites that were made up from four distinct ore bands observed in the core. These bands varied from 3 to 13% TREO.

The company reported that sighter magnetic separation work has been promising. NTU said that flotation and bake tests are planned, and samples will be prepared for environmental test work and radionuclide deportment studies.

Future plans

The company reported that follow-up drilling is planned for the Dazzler deposit, which will be infill and extension/step-out drilling plus metallurgical and geotechnical drilling. Some of this drilling is set to commence in November/December 2019.

Management comments

Northern Minerals’ Managing Director and CEO, George Bauk, said: “We continue to be impressed and enthusiastic about the potential of Dazzler.

As with all mineral deposits ‘grade is king’ and these results continue to deliver on the upside. We will now commence updating the Mineral Resource Estimate and investigate mining studies for Dazzler.”

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