Minim Martap bauxite project

More high-grade results from Canyon’s Minim Martap bauxite project

Canyon Resources Ltd (ASX: CAY) has announced additional highly positive results from its ongoing air core drilling campaign on the Beatrice Plateau at the Minim Martap Bauxite Project in Cameroon.

CAY said that further very high-grade, low contaminant results were received, with intersections greater than 50% Al2O3 and low total SiO2.

The company noted that drilling continues to identify profiles with an increased depth of mineralisation, in some locations up to 100% deeper than past drilling results.

CAY said that these results demonstrate the project’s thick, high-grade, low contaminant bauxite from surface and further confirm the global Tier 1 status of the Minim Martap Project.

Currently, further assays are pending from the Agnes, Raymonde, Gregorine and Danielle plateau.

The Minim Martap bauxite project

The Minim Martap Project is located in the Adamawa region of Cameroon, adjacent to Canyon’s existing Birsok Bauxite Project. It encompasses two deposits, Ngouandal, and Minim Martap, which are located within 25km of each other. The total area of the permits is 1,349 km2.

The Beatrice plateau at Minim Martap had a previously reported JORC (2012) inferred resource of 38.5 Mt at 50.76% Al2O3 and 2.69% SiO2 (total), with an average depth of 7.3m2.

Previous work completed by CAY had found the local bauxite to be generally high alumina, low total & reactive silica, high gibbsite, low boehemite and low on other contaminants.

Drilling campaign

Canyon reported that its drilling campaign has completed 429 drill holes for a total of 3,769m, further confirming the Titer-1 status of the project.

The company has now received the second batch of assay results from the remaining 18 holes drilled on the southern section of the Beatrice plateau.  

A 250m x 250m drilling grid was completed on the Beatrice plateau using Canyon’s air core drill rig. The company noted that the drilling grid has recorded substantial high grade mineralised holes, which are reported to be significantly deeper than the current resource, sometimes up to twice the depth.

High-grade intersections

Some of the significant drilling intersections include 6m at 58.19% Al2O3 and 0.92% SiO2 (total) from surface; 9m at 55.95% Al2O3 and 2.76% SiO2 (total) from surface; 9m at 54.81% Al2O3 and 1.87% SiO2 (total) from surface; 10m at 54.57% Al2O3 and 3.33% SiO2 (total) from surface.

Future plans

The company reported that it is awaiting assays from the Agnes, Raymonde (currently with ALS for analysis), Gregorine, and Danielle plateaux (currently undergoing sample preparation at Afrigeolabs in Yaounde).

Canyon said that the drilling on the project is ongoing and will continue through 2019. The Company is currently drilling the extensive Danielle plateau in the eastern sector of the Minim Martap permit.

Company statements

Canyon’s Chief Geologist Alexander Shaw said, “The remainder of the assays from the 250m x 250m grid drilled on the Beatrice plateau have continued the very high grade assay results and broad bauxite intersections that were recorded in the first batch of assay results.

We are also seeing significant increases in the depths of the mineralisation. Our drilling has increased the depth of the mineralisation to an average of 12 metres and a maximum of 17 metres. In some cases this is double the previous results”.

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