More High Grade Drill Results at Rose of Denmark Gold Mine

AuStar Gold Limited (ASX: AUL) has announced high grade drill results for the drilling undertaken around the dyke bulge of Rose of Denmark gold mine.

The company reported broad zones of mineralisation above and below the Adit level within the dyke bulge area including 93.65m @ 2.00 g/t Au, 132.2 m @ 2.20 g/t, and 53.52m @ 1.82 g/t Au. The mineralisation is currently open at depth. AUL said that all were interspersed with significant high grade intersections.

AuStar has reported the discovery of parallel dyke structure to the north of the Main Dyke Bulge. The company also announced that the ongoing resource definition drilling is nearing completion.

The Rose of Denmark Gold Mine

The Rose of Denmark mine lies within the Morning Star project, which was acquired by AuStar in 2015. AuStar continues to undertake exploratory diamond drilling to define the geometry of and identify zones of mineralisation at the Rose of Denmark mine capable of near term accessibility.

High Grade Drill Results

AUL has released the results for drilling undertaken around the dyke bulge. The drilling has indicated that the bulge contains significant anomalism including several zones of higher grade.

AUL reported that the drilling has confirmed that the dyke is mineralised for at least 230 vertical metres (93 metres above and 140 metres below the main Adit level).

The company announced significant mineralisation above and below the Adit level within the dyke bulge area, including:

  • 93.65m @ 2.00 g/t Au above the adit;
  • 53.52m @ 1.82 g/t Au below the adit;
  • 132.2 m @ 2.20 g/t Au below the adit including 4.00m @ 20.75 g/t Au;
  • 1.20m @ 12.56 g/t Au, 0.70 m @ 43.03 g/t Au; and
  • 5.00m @ 9.78 g/t Au

Parallel Dyke Structure

The company said that the stratigraphic drilling has identified a potential parallel dyke structure extending to the north from the bulge. Drill hole ROD047 encountered significantly more dyke than modelling predicted and a follow-up hole (ROD060) after passing out of the main dyke into sediments intersected a second zone of dyke.

Current Developments

AUL reported that limited mining continues within a gold bearing structure above the Rose of Denmark adit after being placed on hold for several weeks. The company also announced the completion of a dewatering bore within the mine. This will allow the installation of the passive water treatment facility to be continued, with the target of receiving full EPA permitting for water discharge at the site.

What’s Next?

AUL said that infill resource drilling is currently continuing along the main dyke structure to the south to continue to test for mineralisation. Resource modeling and determination of mining potential will then be undertaken with results anticipated by the end of April.

The company announced that the drilling to the north will be undertaken to confirm the strength and continuity of the recently identified parallel dyke. Additional diamond drilling is also planned from within the dyke bulge area to confirm the tenor and dimensions of higher grade assay results both above and below the main adit level.

AuStar Gold CEO, Tom de Vries said, “Exploratory diamond drilling above and below the level of the  main Rose of Denmark Adit has shown that mineralisation within the dyke extends a lot further both up and down plunge of the dyke bulge than anyone had previously envisioned. This coupled with the discovery of a potential parallel dyke extending to the north further strengthens the potential of the Rose to become a significant asset for the company in the near future.

Infill drilling into the floor of the adit is also nearing completion with modeling and resource calculations due to be undertaken upon return of the assay results.”

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