Newington Li-Au project WA

Midas Minerals has the touch at Newington Lithium-Gold Project in WA’s Goldfields region

Midas Minerals (ASX:MM1) reports it has had an ‘excellent start’ to or systematic exploration for lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites at its Newington Lithium-Gold Project in WA’s Goldfields region.

The company reports assay results for the first 412 auger geochemical samples over a strike of 2km of the Kawana East pegmatite belt which extends for at least 9km. Sampling was undertaken at 40m intervals on lines spaced at 80m.

Numerous samples contain elevated lithium (Li), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), caesium (Cs), niobium (Nb), beryllium (Be) and rubidium (Rb). Peak values included 495ppm Li2O, 327ppm Ta2O5, 422ppm Nb2O5, 713ppm BeO and 1,126ppm Rb which are exceptionally high for geochemical samples.

Midas reports that numerous anomalous values is due to the large number of small to very large pegmatites and pegmatoid outcrops and logged in shallow auger holes.

The company is preparing reverse circulation (RC) drill sites at intervals over about 8km strike of the Kawana East pegmatite belt to obtain an understanding of variability of the orientation, size and mineralogy of the pegmatites.

RC drilling is expected to start in August to provide valuable insight in the subsurface pegmatite mineralogy.

Commenting on the results, Midas Managing Director Mark Calderwood noted: “These results are an excellent start to our systematic exploration for LCT pegmatites at Newington.

“These results are an excellent start to our systematic exploration for LCT pegmatites”

The quantity of anomalous LCT pegmatite indicator elements is very impressive as are the number of pegmatite outcrops discovered to date.

Drilling at Newington will enable Midas to gain an understanding of the mineralogy of the pegmatites below surface and we hope to gain an understanding of zonation of pegmatites along and across strike and internal zonation within some of the apparently large pegmatites.

We expect to commence a reverse circulation drilling program at Newington within the next few weeks.”

Systematic auger geochemistry will continue to follow areas highlighted by ongoing reconnaissance rock chip sampling and mapping.

Midas Minerals is a junior mineral exploration company based in Western Australia, targeting the discovery of economic mineral deposits. Midas’ primary focus are lithium and gold; however, our projects are also prospective for nickel, PGE, copper, and silver.

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