Lunnon Metals uncovers potential channel features at Long South Gap prospect

Lunnon Metals (ASX:LM8) has identified potential channel features that enhance nickel prospectivity following a 2D survey at the Long South Gap prospect within its Silver Lake-Fisher Project, which forms part of the greater Kambalda Nickel Project in Western Australia. 

The company says results provide an ‘excellent’ representation of the key prospective komatiite-basalt contact, and indicate the presence of possible channel signatures within the contact. 

Lunnon reports one such possible channel signature in particular has potential to be the down plunge and fault-offset extension of one of the mineralised channels present at Mincor Resources (ASX:MCR) Long Operation located directly along strike, as well as its ‘exciting’ “East Dome Target”. 

The company notes results also demonstrate a ‘strong’ correlation between 3D structures interpreted by the Lunnon and breaks in the seismic reflection data, validating its preliminary geological model, and warranting the design and costing of a full 3D seismic survey. 

Further analysis will be conducted to refine the interpretation and target generation, however Lunnon announces it has moved forward with work to extend an existing causeway on Lake Lefroy in order to deploy a surface diamond rig. This rig will drill a series of holes up to 1,000+ metres deep to directly target these possible channel features. 

This program will also seek to collect key litho-structural data that will improve the geological control of this section, as well as provide stratigraphic physical property data which will help fine tune the future 3D seismic survey.  

Speaking on the results, Lunnon Metals Managing Director, Edmund Ainscough says: “Lunnon Metals is delighted that the 2D seismic survey has delivered high quality targets worthy of consideration for immediate drill testing.

“This outcome, coupled with exciting developments by our neighbour Mincor on the ground to the immediate north of our mineral rights area, highlights the amazing potential of the Kambala Dome…”

This outcome, coupled with exciting developments by our neighbour Mincor on the ground to the immediate north of our mineral rights area, highlights the amazing potential of the Kambala Dome to continue to yield exciting exploration stories even after 55 years or more of operating history.”  

The company also notes Mincor’s new East Dome target, as reported by Mincor, strikes south-southeast straight onto Lunnon’s Long South Gap prospect area. Data from the recent 2D seismic survey line is now being reviewed to determine if it supports this new target zone extending onto Lunnon Metals’ ground, as well as possible implications for target generation and nickel prospectivity generally.  

With the 2D seismic survey now complete, Lunnon Metals announces it will move forward with the 3D survey over the Long South Gap area, and is expected to take between 3 and 6 months to execute, collect and interpret data. 

Lunnon Metals is an ASX-listed mineral resource exploration company with a goal of becoming the owner of sufficient nickel mineral resources,  through discovery and development, to be a key player in the resurgence of the nickel sector in the medium term. The company’s Kambalda Project is located within the Kambalda Nickel District in Western Australia, and area that has produced in excess of 1.4 million tonnes of nickel metal since its discovery in 1966. 

The project covers a total land area of 47km-square comprising 2 parcels of 19 and 20 contiguous granted mining leases, with the company currently holding a 100% interest of the mineral rights at the Foster and Baker elements of the project, subject to certain rights retained by St Ives Gold Mining.  

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