Kimono Central gold

Frontier Resources reports 1m at 148g/t Au from trench sampling at Kimono Central

Frontier Resources Limited (ASX: FNT) has announced high-grade final results from its trench sampling and mapping program along a ‘Flexure Zone’ at Kimono Central in PNG, where two drill targets, KC North and South, were identified.

Second phase sampling…returned results along trench KC22 of 1m @ 148g/t Au + 413g/t Ag

FNT said that the second phase sampling results along the 4km strike length Kimono‐Dudu structure returned results along trench KC22 of 1m @ 148g/t Au + 413g/t Ag and 1m @ 14.1g/t Au + 30.6g/t Ag within a broader zone of 15m @ 13.89g/t Au + 46.7g/t Ag.

The company said that the trench KC29, a further 170m south‐southeast from KC22 returned 1m @ 35.6g/t Au and 2m @ 21.69g/t Au within a broader zone of 7m @ 13.25g/t Au.

FNT said that the recent trench sampling program confirms the continuity of high‐grade gold within a 360m long flexure zone at Kimono Central where two drill target areas have been defined.

Exploration program

Frontier had recently commenced an exploration program aimed at testing for lateral extensions of known veins and interpreted vein systems at Kimono and Saki prospect areas.

Digging Out Trench KC24 Before Sampling
Digging out trench KC24 before sampling

Trench sampling and mapping program at Kimono

The company recently completed a trench sampling and mapping program at the Kimono Central Vein in Papua New Guinea. The Phase 2 work completed at Central Kimono included fifteen hand dug trenches totalling 232.5 metres ranging from 5.0m to 41.0m in length. A total of 218 chip‐channel trench samples were collected from 10 trenches (KC23‐30 & KC33) along the ‘high grade’ flexure segment of the Kimono Vein with an aim of defining drill targets for drill testing in Term 2 of the licence.

The Kimono Central Vein trenches were dug between Suwaitana and Gaiv creeks over a distance of about 360m aligned NNW‐SSE. Trench KC27 was located approximately 370m further to the southeast.

The company has now reported encouraging Phase 2 trenching results.

High-grade trenching results at Kimono Central

Frontier announced that high-grade results were reported from trenching at Kimono Central, with two intersections including 2.0m @ 2.24g/t Au + 5.07g/t Ag and 1.0m @ 1.66g/t Au + 3.7g/t Ag, demonstrating the extended continuity of gold mineralisation.

The best Phase 2 trenching results included KC22: 15.0m @ 13.89g/t Au + 46.7g/t Ag, including 1.0m @ 148g/t Au + 413g/t Ag and 1.0m @ 14.1g/t Au + 30.6g/t Ag; KC29: 7.0m @ 13.25g/t Au + 13.7g/t Ag, including 1.0m @ 35.6g/t Au + 17.3g/t Ag and 2.0m @ 21.69g/t Au + 23.0g/t Ag; KC24: 15.0m @ 2.49g/t Au + 6.2g/t Ag, including 1.0m @ 13.4g/t Au + 32.5g/t Ag; KC25: 8.0m @ 2.91g/t Au + 9.8g/t Ag, Including 2.0m @ 5.47g/t Au + 23.9g/t Ag; and KC33: 1.0m @ 5.75g/t Au + 4.4g/t Ag.

Kimono Vein Trench summary highlights and geology is as shown below.

The company said that the main Kimono vein was traced for approximately 360 m between KC26 to KC28 and is open to the NNW and SSE. FNT said that the drill targets were selected at two segments of the Kimono Vein “KC North Drill Target” and “KC South Drill Target”.

Tassy Vein trenching

FNT said that a total of 5 trenches (KT13‐17) were also completed along the Tassy Vein to follow‐up on the highly encouraging results from previous Phase 1 sampling which had yielded high-grade results of 4.0m @ 4.78g/t Au including 1.0m @ 15.5g/t Au in trench KT06 and 3.0m @ 2.87g/t Au in trench KT01.

Trenches KT13‐KT16 were located in the headwaters of Holsiga Creek and Trench KT17 was located in the headwaters of Gaiv Creek. The company said that the best trench result was 5m @ 0.77g/t Au + 8.3g/t Ag in KT14.

Tassy Vein Trench summary highlights and geology is as shown below.

FNT said that the trench mapping indicated two structural trends, a strong WNW trend indicating a possible splay vein between the Kimono and Tassy veins, and a strong NNW trend indicated by veins and structures which may correlate with veining mapped and sampled in Suwaitana Creek.

Latest updates and next steps

Frontier said that ALS laboratories have recently completed the final assay results for 54 rock chip/grab samples collected at Kimono. These will be released upon final interpretation.

The company said that it is currently planning for a mobilisation to the Saki prospect 7th June to continue with its surface trench sampling program as part of its JORC Resource planning.

Image Source:  Frontier Resources Limited

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