Rock specimen at Rapier West

Cyprium Metals reports high-grade intercepts from Cue copper project

Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX: CYM) has announced highly encouraging results from the metallurgical diamond drilling programme at the Hollandaire and Hollandaire West prospects of its Cue Copper Project, WA.

Significant hits include 10.4m @ 14.9% Cu in drill hole 19HOMET003 from 84.5m downhole including  4.5m @ 21.9% Cu with 1.2 g/t Au and 46.4 g/t Ag from 90.4m; 19.1m @ 1.3% Cu in drill hole 19HOMET002 from 85.9m downhole including 6.4m @ 2.1% Cu with 0.5 g/t Au and 10.5 g/t Ag from 98.6m; and 27.9m @ 1.1% Cu in drill hole 19HOMET001 from 45.7m downhole including 9.0m @ 1.6% Cu with 0.1 g/t Au and 2.3 g/t Ag from 63.2m.

CYM noted that the intersection returned in 19HOMET003 is the highest-grade intersection encountered in the mineralised zone to date.

The company announced that the regional infill soil sampling programme is expected to be completed this month, while the results of the ongoing metallurgical test work are expected in the coming months.

Cue copper project

The Cue Copper Project is a joint venture with Musgrave Minerals. The project is located in Murchison district in Western Australia.

The field mapping campaigns by Western Mining Corporation in the 1970’s had identified Hollandaire, Colonel, Mt Eelya, Eelya South, and Rapier prospects in the Cue Project

The Hollandaire Prospect is located on exploration tenements E20/699 and E20/629 of the Cue Copper Project.

CYM had completed an initial Phase 1 RC drilling at Cue project.

Diamond drilling at Cue project

CYM reported that a metallurgical diamond drilling programme was commenced at the Hollandaire and Hollandaire West targets.

This involved drilling three holes into the historical mineralised envelope of Hollandaire and Hollandaire West to provide representative samples for test work to be undertaken.

At Hollandaire West, a single diamond drill hole, 19HOMET001 was completed. Meanwhile, at Hollandaire, two diamond drill holes were undertaken, 19HOMET002, and 19HOMET003.

High-grade results

The company announced that the hole 19HOMET001 returned disseminated copper sulphide mineralisation, mainly containing chalcocite.

CYM said that the holes 19HOMET002 and 19HOMET003 returned massive sulphide mineralisation, containing massive pyrite and copper sulphide mineralisation, as predominantly chalcocite with minor chalcopyrite and bornite.

The company said that metallurgical test work on these intersections has commenced with results expected over the coming months.

Hollandaire West

The company reported that drill hole at Hollandaire West, 19HOMET001, returned 27.9m @ 1.1% Cu from 45.7m downhole including 9.0m @ 1.6% Cu with 0.1 g/t Au and 2.3 g/t Ag from 63.2m.


CYM said that the first drill hole at Hollandaire, 19HOMET002, resulted in intercepts of 19.1m @ 1.3% Cu from 85.9m downhole including 6.4m @ 2.1% Cu with 0.5 g/t Au and 10.5 g/t Ag from 98.6m.

Meanwhile, the second drill hole at Hollandaire, 19HOMET003, resulted in the best intercept of 10.4m @ 14.9% Cu from 84.5m downhole including 4.5m @ 21.9% Cu with 1.2 g/t Au and 46.4 g/t Ag from 90.4m.

Sampling program

The company announced that it is undertaking a regional infill soil sampling programme to refine and prioritise a number of drill targets that will be followed up in the next round of drilling. This sampling is expected to be finished this month.

CYM reported that there are surface indications at the Rapier West prospect of dominant malachite and minor azurite (copper oxide minerals) being encountered in rock hand specimens during the sampling programme. These occurrences of copper oxide have historically been reliable indicators of sub surface copper mineralisation in the area.

Updates and next steps

The company said that at the Hollandaire Prospect, it is planning for further extensional drilling. The geophysical programmes are planned to be completed when assay results have been received and drillhole observations from the first phase of drilling have been interpreted.

Cyprium said that the drill core from this programme is currently being prepared for metallurgical test work on alternative techniques for extraction of copper.

CYM said that it has recently gathered further samples from RC drilling chips to be sent for assay, that are located adjacent to the mineralised intercepts. The results are expected by November 2019.

The company said that these will then be combined with the previously released results to determine our Phase 2 drill hole programme. Once the Phase 2 drill programme is finalised, a drill rig will be mobilised to site for the follow up drilling again expected to commence in late November 2019.

CYM said that RC samples will be collected and despatched to the metallurgical laboratory for mineralogical diagnostic test work. These results will be also available in the coming months.

Cyprium said that currently, the Company geologists are conducting a regional soil sampling programme to follow up on identified regional targets. The results of this sampling will enable the drilling to focus in on areas of interest. The results are expected in November 2019 and follow up drilling expected shortly thereafter.

Management statements

Executive Director Barry Cahill commented: “We are extremely pleased with the stunning highgrade drill results from our metallurgical drill programme at Hollandaire.

The intercepts are all less than 100 metres vertical depth which are a reminder of the quality of the mineralized envelope at this project. We now await further assay results at Hollandaire West along with results from metallurgical test-work.

Our geological team continues to increase its understanding of the controls of this high-grade copper mineralisation at the Cue Copper Project. The team are currently finalising the Phase 2 drilling at Hollandaire, as well as completing regional soil sampling to refine our regional drill targets.”

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