Court dismisses claim against Silver Mines development

The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales has dismissed an application for judicial review proceedings from activist group Bingman Catchment Landcare Group Incorporated which is challenging development for Silver Mines’ (ASX:SVL) Bowdens Silver Project.

Silver Mines, which has a $233.74 million market capitalisation, today (14 March 2024) reports the court has dismissed the application lodged by the activist group against both the state government’s Independent Planning Commission (IPC) and Bowdens Silver, a subsidiary of Silver Mines, challenging the development consent.

The development consent was delivered by the IPC on 3 April 2023 and despite the application, remains unchanged. 

The company’s consistent position has been that this legal claim by Bingman was without merit. The project was approved by the IPC following a thorough public hearing process. 

Silver Mines Managing Director Jonathan Battershill says: “These proceedings did not challenge any of the environmental or other impacts of the operations associated with the project. 

The proceedings challenged whether the IPC adequately considered matters relating to the construction and location of a powerline which may be required to power the mine site. Silver Mines has a number of options to power the site, and we were not limited to this one option.”

We are committed to the development of the Bowdens Silver Project, and we now look forward to getting on with progressing the project which will create jobs, drive investment and attract new businesses to the region. We strongly believe Silver Mines has delivered a technically reliable and environmentally responsible project. We are pleased to put these proceedings behind us and look forward to working actively with the community and all other stakeholders.”  

Due to the disruptions caused by the application for judicial proceedings, Silver Mines is ‘strongly considering’ its rights to seek costs. 

The Bowdens project is located in central New South Wales, 26km east of Mudgee.

Silver Mines is an Australian resources company focused on its gold assets in Australia. 

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