Horseshoe South manganese project

Bryah Resources hits high-grade Manganese at Horseshoe South

Bryah Resources Limited (ASX: BYH) has announced high-grade manganese (>30% Mn) mineralisation from the RC drilling program at its historic Horseshoe South Manganese Mine within the Bryah Basin Manganese JV in Western Australia.

Best results included 3 metres (5-8m) @ 37.8% Mn including 2 metres @ 44.3% Mn from 5m; and 4 metres (8-12m) @ 35.9% Mn including 3 metres @ 39.7% Mn from 9m.

BYH said that a potential channel deposit was intersected, defined by lower Iron and Phosphorus grades compared to stratigraphic Manganese mineralisation in the area.

The company reported that the diamond drilling was completed at Horseshoe South Extended for density and beneficiation testwork, which will be key inputs into mineral resource estimates. BYH said that the results of drilling will be used to update geological model ahead of mineral resource estimates.

Bryah Basin JV

The Bryah Basin project is located approximately 100-150km north of the town of Meekatharra in central Western Australia. OM Manganese Limited holds a 10% Joint Venture interest with Bryah retaining a 90% Joint Venture Interest in manganese and 100% in respect to all remaining minerals on the tenements.

Significant prospects of the 1,135 km2 Bryah Basin Project include the Forrest gold, Brumby Creek, Black Hill, Cheval, Black Beauty, Windalah, Wodger, and Labouchere prospect. Bryah Basin also hosts the Horseshoe South Manganese mine.

RC drilling at Horseshoe South Manganese Mine

The JV partners had recently completed RC drilling at the Horseshoe South Manganese Mine. The drilling focused on 2 areas within granted Mining Lease M52/806, the Main Open Pit Area and the Extended Open Pit Area.

BYH said that a total of 40 holes for 925 metres was completed in this latest drilling program – 25 RC holes (HSRC086-HSRC110) at the Main Pit area and 15 RC holes (HERC060-HERC074) at the Extended Pit Area.

The drilling was aimed at enabling improved geological modelling ahead of the preparation of mineral resource estimates in accordance with JORC 2012. The drilling programs were fully funded by OM (Manganese) Limited.

The company has now reported an encouraging update from the final set of RC drilling results.

High-grade manganese mineralisation

BYH reported that the latest results have confirmed the presence of high-grade manganese mineralisation beneath the existing Main Pit floor and provided an increased geological understanding of the area.

Horseshoe South Main open pit

Significant Intersections from the Horseshoe South Main Open Pit included HSRC087 – 3 metres (5-8m) @ 37.8% Mn including 2 metres @ 44.3% Mn from 5m; HSRC095 – 4 metres (5-9m) @ 30.0% Mn including 2 metres @ 35.3% Mn from 6m; HSRC098 – 7 metres (3-10m) @ 22.6% Mn and 4 metres (14-18m) @ 22.9% Mn including 1 metre @ 32.4% Mn from 15m; HSRC099 – 8 metres (3-11m) @ 23.9% Mn including 1 metre @ 30.8% Mn from 10m; HSRC101 – 4 metres (5-9m) @ 28.9% Mn including 2 metres @ 37.1% Mn from 5m; and HSRC106 – 4 metres (8-12m) @ 35.9% Mn including 3 metres @ 39.7% Mn from 9m.

Horseshoe South Extended open pit

Significant Intersections from the Horseshoe South Extended Open Pit included HERC064 – 4 metres (3-7m) @ 22.0% Mn and 5 metres (23-28m) @ 24.6% Mn including 1 metre @ 32.7% Mn from 26m; HERC066 – 8 metres (10-18m) @ 28.9% Mn including 1 metre @ 34.3% Mn from 11m and 2 metres @ 32.5% Mn from 15m; HERC067 – 3 metres (2-5m) @ 31.0% Mn including 2 metres @ 34.0% Mn from 2m, 3 metres (12-15m) @ 22.7% Mn and 3 metres (17-20m) @ 24.4% Mn; HERC070 – 8 metres (2-10m) @ 22.3% Mn and 2 metres (14-16m) @ 22.4% Mn; and HERC071 – 16 metres (6-22m) @ 26.1% Mn including 1 metre @ 31.9% Mn from 14m and 1 metre @ 33.8% Mn from 19m.

Potential channel deposits

BYH said that the drilling followed-up on some lower Iron (Fe) and Phosphorus (P) intersections from previous drilling. Hole HERC071 intersected the lower Fe and P zone over a significant interval (16 metres (6-22m) @ 26.1% Mn). Lower Fe and P are more indicative of channel deposits that were previously mined at Horseshoe South and the nearby Horseshoe Flats deposit.

Latest updates and next steps

The company reported that the diamond drilling program, which commenced in December 2020, will recommence in January 2021 with additional PQ diameter holes planned to recover core samples from the Brumby Creek Prospect. BYH said that two DD holes completed at Horseshoe South Extended will be used for density and beneficiation testwork.

Written By Jonathan Norris
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