Brisbane Mining Conference: same location, shift in focus

With the mining conference circuit well underway, some 500-plus investors will next week descend onto the 2024 Brisbane Mining and Investors Conference in Queensland for what is touted to be “a bloody good day”

The conference, held at the Royal on the Park Hotel and Suites on 13 March 2024, is an investor event launched in 2018 to provide investors, brokers, and fund managers a better understanding of investment opportunities in Australia’s mining, energy, and exploration sectors.

Showcasing a mix of ASX-listed micro to mid-market cap minerals and energy companies – including Critical Minerals Group (ASX:CMG), Iltani Resources (ASX:ILT), Prospech (ASX:PRS), and QMines (ASX:QML) – the conference allows mining executives to promote their company’s investment credentials via a formal exhibition and presentation program.

Speaking to, conference organiser Phil Dickinson from Equity Events says investors attending this year’s event can expect to see a plethora of small cap base and precious metals juniors take centre stage to showcase their assets.

“The real theme of investing has moved away from battery minerals such as lithium and graphite and moved to uranium. Investors are also starting to consider base metals a lot more and a return of interest has emerged in the precious metals, gold, and silver.”

Companies within the uranium space investors can expect to see include local Basin Energy (ASX:BSN), which is actively exploring the uranium-rich Athabasca Basin in Canada. More recently, the uranium explorer rallied its exploration team to its Geikie Project as it gears up for another round of drilling across the prospective tenure. 

Dickinson adds that this year’s event — which represents the 7th annual conference — will shine a light on companies whose projects lie in more local exploration jurisdictions in Queensland and New South Wales.

To date, up to 26 various small to medium cap mining companies are scheduled to appear at the conference. 

Dickinson highlights the attendance of high purity silica sands company Metallica Minerals (ASX:MLM) as a must-see. Metallica’s wholly owned Cape Flattery Silica Sand (CFS) Project sits on the eastern coastline of the Cape York Peninsula about 220km north of the city of Cairns, is one to watch out for. 

Executive Chairman Theo Psaros tells the company’s time at the conference will be spent highlighting the CFS project. He says the current takeover target is on the cusp of becoming Australia’s next silica sand export operations. 

Psaros will take advantage of the conference to “educate the market on the role the CFS project will play in contributing to the seaborne market for high purity silica sand, why our project has clear advantages, and how well known internationally Cape Flattery is”. 

Metallica Minerals in February 2024 received from Diatreme Resources (ASX:DRX) a conditional intention to make an all-scrip takeover bid to create what would be silica sand company with a market capitalisation of $110 million, as reported by

Metallica has advised its shareholders to take no action regarding Diatreme’s proposed takeover tilt.    

Another company set to have its time in the spotlight at the conference is the ASX’s only pureplay bauxite miner — Metro Mining (ASX:MMI). Metro is focused on its flagship Bauxite Hills Mine about 95km north of Weipa on Western Cape York in Far North Queensland. 

Bauxite ore is used to make aluminium, a critical and strong growth metal in the energy transition that has been listed in the Australian government’s December 2023 Strategic Materials List. 

Metro CEO and Managing Director Simon Wensley tells conference attendees will be made aware of the continuing strength of the bauxite market, as well as Metro’s plans to expand its capacity of 7 million tonnes per annum. 

When asked what the desired objective of attending the event, Wensley says  demonstrating how much the company has de-risked its business model with investments and contracts  signed and they will generate cash flow in 2024 and beyond. 

Looking forward, he forecasts a restart of operations for Metro by the end of March 2024.

While focused on mining jurisdiction Western Australia, Great Boulder Resources (ASX:GBR) will also be looking to show Brisbane-based investors the value of its assets as a gold explorer.

Managing Director Andrew Paterson tells that in order to tell its story, Great Boulder has employed the VRIFY platform to illustrate in 3D its deposits and the potential of its flagship Side Well Project. 

“VRIFY have been building our presentation deck over the Christmas – New Year period – it’s almost at demo stage now. Brisbane is the first ‘live’ presentation planned for the new format, including 3D drone images from site and interactive models of the Mulga Bill and Ironbark deposits.

Because of the structural complexity at Mulga Bill we’ve always struggled to illustrate the various orientations on a 2-dimensional diagram. After watching other companies use VRIFY successfully we decided to sign up in December.

The presentation itself will be a corporate overview emphasising Side Well, but it will be interesting to see what new investors think of the content.”

It is through this new technology the company hopes to reign in a fresh batch of investors within a state that Great Boulder has yet to tap into.   

“Over the past few years, we’ve concentrated our presentations and roadshows in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne so this will be a new audience for the GBR story.

I’m changing our conference schedule this year so we’re aiming to concentrate on venues where there are more investors (Brisbane, Gold Coast, IMARC, Southwest Connect) rather than the traditional shows which are getting over-run by service providers and supply companies.

In that sense the intention is to present Great Boulder to a new audience, including people who may never have heard of us before.”       

However, this is but a taster of what is to come at this year’s Brisbane Mining and Investors Conference, which Equity Events’ Dickinson says will be a “bloody good day”.

Equity Events organises investment events for the mining, energy, and exploration sectors.   

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