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American Rare Earths collects ‘highly promising’ assays at Halleck Creek Project, US

American Rare Earths (ASX:ARR) has received some ‘highly promising’ assay results from exploration drilling in the Halleck Creek Rare Earth Project in Wyoming in the US.

The ASX-listed company reports that from March to April 2022 it drilled nine holes for 917m and collected 650 core samples.

The assay results (from 382 samples) taken from five core holes have demonstrated consistent rare earth mineralisation associated with clinopyroxene quartz monzonite (CQM) rocks of the Red Mountain Pluton (RMP).

Of the 382 samples assayed for the five core holes at Overton Mountain, the average otal Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) for all samples is about 3,138ppm. Using a TREO cut-off value of 1,500ppm, 352 samples exceed the cut-off and have an average TREO of 3,285ppm.

American Rare Earths notes the next steps for the company include updating the existing exploration target and developing a more comprehensive drilling program with the objective of defining a high-tonnage maiden JORC resource at Halleck Creek.

Commenting on the results, American Rare Earths Chief Executive Officer Chris Gibbs said: “With the results from the March to April 2022 drill program now received it is clear there is enormous size, scale, and consistent grades of rare earth elements at this project.

“it is clear there is enormous size, scale, and consistent grades of rare earth elements at this project”

These results support the preliminary assays received in June, that the deposit is consistent in grade, and has negligible penalty elements such as Uranium and Thorium.

These results further enhance our belief that the Halleck Creek Project could be one of the largest, rare earth deposits in North America.

The successful maiden drill campaign has also seen significantly higher grade at deeper levels than estimated in the Halleck Creek Exploration Target. Our focus in the near-term is to upgrade the Exploration Target for this project, fast track our drilling efforts and establish a significant JORC  resource as soon as reasonably practicable.”

American Rare Earths notes it plans to expand current exploration target in the near future.

The company has assets in the growing rare earth metals sector of the US, emerging as an alternative international supply chain to China’s market dominance of a global rare earth market expected to expand to US$20 billion by the mid-2020s.

Its mission is to supply critical materials for renewable energy, green tech, electric vehicles, national security, and a carbon-reduced future.

In the first half of 2021, American Rare Earths acquired the Halleck Creek Project in Wyoming and has since increased the land holding to over mor than 6,000 acres.

About 308-385 million tonnes of rare earths mineralised rocks were identified as an exploration target for the Halleck Creek project area.

Images: American Rare Earths Limited
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