Allup shares more than double following silica sand testwork  

Allup Silica’s (ASX:APS) shares more than doubled last week (28 March 2024) off the back of the latest batch of results from both its Sparkler and Cabbage Spot Silica Sand projects in Western Australia.  

The company’s shares are today trading at $0.055.

At Sparkler, recent bulk sample testwork undertaken by CDE Global on silica sand from the project has returned results which exceed industry standards for high-purity applications.    

Results highlight a ‘remarkable’ beneficiated content of 99.84% SiO2 and greater than 100 parts per million (ppm) ferric oxide (Fe2O3). 

According to Allup, this achievement underscores its commitment to enhancing its product quality through innovative process design. 

Chairperson Andrew Haythorpe says: “Results from the company’s bulk sample testwork with CDE Global is a pivotal continuation and refinement of our previous efforts aimed at optimising our process circuit design.

This progress aligns with our ongoing objectives to enhance product consistency, reduce capital and operational expenditures, ensure stringent Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), and explore opportunities to increase our estimated mineral reserves by achieving a methodology that could support an increase in the depth of sand to be viably mined.” 

The company also announces the latest round of sampling at its Cabbage Spot Silica Sand Project has highlighted multiple ‘large’ areas of high purity silica sand (HPSS). 

Sampling results, generated from 43 samples, have returned SiO2 grades greater than 98%, with an average grade of 98.6%. The best results display an in-situ grade of 99.4% SiO2. 

Beneficiation testwork is underway to determine the potential of Cabbage Spot silica sand for high-tech and photovoltaic applications.  

Haythorpe says results at Cabbage Spot reinforce the superiority of its silica sand.

“Our most recent sampling efforts have revealed multiple significant areas of High Purity Silica Sand, marking a significant stride in our exploration journey.

Particularly striking was our best result, showing an in-situ purity of 99.4% SiO2, which highlights the top-tier quality of our project. We’ve now moved onto beneficiation testwork to explore the full potential of the Cabbage Spot silica sand for use in high-tech and photovoltaic applications. These outcomes not only confirm the high-grade nature of our silica assets but also strengthen our dedication to providing essential materials for the renewable energy industry.”

Silica sand is a raw material used in the production of optical fibre, ceramics, refractory materials, and glassmaking, including the specialty glass required for photovoltaic (solar panels), and other high-tech production applications.   

Allup Silica is an explorer focused on the future development of our silica sand tenements located in several Western Australian exploration project locations.

Western Australia sites are in the southwest, northeast near Wyndham, and two others are in the Southern Goldfields near Esperance. 

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