Sarytogan on track for Q3 2024 PFS

Sarytogan Graphite (ASX:SGA) is on track to deliver a Prefeasibility Study (PFS) for its flagship and namesake deposit in Central Kazakhstan in Q3 2024. 

The company will soon begin battery testing of a coin cell with a Sarytogan coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) anode following tests on ultra-high purity fines (UHPF) in the lead up to the PFS. 

Tests on the UHPFs have determined they are suitable as a cathode conductivity enhancer in AA alkaline and lithium monofluoride batteries. 

Managing Director Sean Gregory says the results demonstrate ‘yet another’ advanced use for Sarytogan Graphite products.

“Given the giant size of the Sarytogan Graphite deposit, the way to maximise value will be to police as many units of carbon into as many markets as possible. Sarytogan’s inverted flowsheet thermally purifies the graphite before rather than after spheroidisation,” he says.

“This allows UHPFs to be produced as a high value by-product to the spherical graphite products for the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery market.”   

The company also reports the uncoated spherical purified graphite (USPG) lithium-ion cell performance has continued to cycle through repeated charges and discharges to measure long-term performance. 

Results after 100 cycles will enable comparison with other existing graphite products and will be available in a few weeks time.  

Sarytogan plans to produce three product types in approximately equal proportions, being mirco-crystalline 80% to 85% carbon for traditional industrial uses, USPG for lithium-ion battery anodes, and UHPF for advanced industrial uses such as nuclear energy. 

Sarytogan Graphite is a graphite-focused explorer and wholly owns its namesake project in the Karaganda region of Central Kazakhstan. 

As of 31 December 2023, the company had $4.852 million in cash and cash equivalents at hand, according to its latest quarterly report. 

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