FYI Resources demonstrates large volume production of tailored HPA at pilot plant

Emerging critical mineral company FYI Resources (ASX:FYI) has completed its production campaign to generate high purity alumina (HPA) through its pilot plant in Western Australia.

The company reports the campaign produced large volumes of HPA for targeted product marketing to potential customers, as well as samples with particular specifications requested by certain end users.

FYI reports the campaign completed a scheduled 17-day continuous production run to produce HPA for specific potential customers requirements. The pilot plant production achieved a 15% increase in total product output resulting from multiple process improvements. The company says the increased HPA output demonstrates improvement in the process design from modifications to the materials of construction and handling.

The HPA was subjected to several internal tests following the trial. Initial product assessment by the plant technical team suggests that the HPA is in line with the upper range of product quality and purity.

Commenting on the production campaign, FYI Resources Managing Director Roland Hill says: “This small-scale production run through the pilot plant allows FYI to analyse performance efficiencies of the process, optimising various aspects of the flowsheet. 

It also progresses our relationship with potential customers in providing quality HPA for qualification purposes to meet their specific requirements. We will continue finalising samples and deliver to customers as soon as possible.”

“We will continue finalising samples and deliver to customers as soon as possible”

FYI reports the HPA contract will now be independently tested for purity analysis before proceeding to various finishing stages and shipping of the samples by FYI to potential customers for assessment and qualification.

The HPA pilot plant production run is part of FYI’s long-term commitment to its HPA strategy as it is directed towards addressing specific product requests from targeted end users that FYI has built strong relationships with.

FYI Resources is an emerging critical mineral company that has developed a process design for the integrated production of ‘high-quality’ HPA for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EV), as well as sapphire glass, LEDs, micro-LEDs, and other broader technology applications.

Images: FYI Resources Ltd
Written By Harry Mulholland
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