Cooper Metals identifies multiple high-priority VTEM conductors at Mt Isa East Project

Cooper Metals (ASX:CPM) reports its now completed Versatile Time-Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM) survey at the Mt Isa East Project has identified several potential bedrock conductors that may be prospective for copper-sulphide mineralisation.

Significantly, the large detailed VTEM survey at Mt Isa East in northwestern Queensland has extended the Python conductor to the northwest, doubling the original length of the conductor to about 700m. An additional parallel VTEM anomaly of about 500m long has also been identified 250m to the northeast.

Multiple high-priority VTEM conductors have been pinpointed, including several conductors coincident with significant structures and favourable lithologies for hosting iron-sulphide-copper-gold (ISCG) mineralisation.

Commenting on the VTEM survey work, Cooper Metals Managing Director Ian Warland said: “The VTEM Max survey has identified multiple anomalies at the Mt Isa East Project worthy of follow up.

The VTEM Max survey has identified multiple anomalies at the Mt Isa East Project worthy of follow up”

We are particularly excited about the VTEM response over the Python conductor that doubles the length of the original (fixed-loop electromagnetic) FLEM anomaly and has identified a new subparallel conductor to the northeast of around 500m in length.

This is the first detailed airborne electromagnetic survey over this tenure and this new dataset is a significant step forward for continuing to build a pipeline of copper-gold targets at the Mt Isa East Project. Ground truthing of the conductors has commenced and we will provide updates to the market as results come to hand.”

While VTEM is a powerful first-pass tool for the identification of potential copper-gold mineralisation, it is most effective on ISCG deposits, which are more likely to conduct an electromagnetic current compared to iron-oxide copper gold (IOCG) mineralisation.

The survey was completed in three separate blocks, with multiple anomalies identified by Cooper’s consultant geophysicist in Blocks 1 and 2.

Map of the VTEM survey area at the Mt Isa East Project
Map of the VTEM survey area at the Mt Isa East Project

There are several more subtle VTEM responses identified throughout Block 1, some of which are within favourable lithologies and structural positions for the formation of ISCG mineralisation

Ground truthing of the VTEM conductors is now underway to determine the possible source of the anomaly and prioritise follow-up ground geophysics ahead of potential drill testing.

Images: Cooper Metals Limited
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