Vulcan Energy Resources advances delivery of phase one Zero Carbon Lithium Project

Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) is working with the Landau city council to progress the delivery of its phase one Zero Carbon Lithium Project in Germany. 

The $722.88 million market capitalisation company says the Landau council has formally approved a decision to enter contractual negotiations with Vulcan. 

This includes acquiring an area of land for the construction of Vulcan’s integrated geothermal renewable energy and lithium extraction plant (G-LEP). The G-LEP construction is planned as part of the company’s phase one project in the Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field. 

In the same phase one project area, the State Mining Directorate has approved the first main operating plan for Vulcan’s newly planned wells in its Inshein licence, where the company is already operating commercial geothermal wells and plant. 

Vulcan says it plans to increase brine production by adding several production and injection wells. Further, pipelines will flow the lithium-rich brine, alongside water heated by the brine, to the planned facilities in the Landau industrial park. 

The company notes the hot industrial water is used to provide carbon neutral heat and to produce green energy. In the Lithium Extraction Plant (LEP), the lithium will be produced from the brine before it is returned to the subsurface. 

Commenting on the first phase of the project, Vulcan Energy Resources Chief Development Officer Thorsten Weimann says: “We are now working closely with the Landau city. The relationship is strong and we will continue to move forward as planned with consistent communication and transparency. 

We will connect with the local stakeholders to educate on Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium Project”

The Landay city has a goal to build a sustainable future for its community. We will connect with the local stakeholders to educate on Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium Project.”

Additionally, Vulcan Energy Resources Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director Cris Moreno says: “Our hard work is paying off, with positive decisions for the project provided by the Landay city council and the surrounding planned phase one project locations. 

We are looking forward to continuing our work with the city of Landay and local authorities in the short term to receive all our remaining permits in a timely manner and into the future as we deliver on the execution of our phase one – Zero Carbon Lithium Project.”

The company adds that it has also secured a site for the Frankfurt Hoechst for its Central Lithium Plant, along with the land for the main brine production sites. 

Vulcan Energy Resources is a renewable energy producer and carbon-neutral lithium developer aiming to decarbonise the transition to electric mobility through its Zero Carbon Lithium Project.

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