Minerals council’s cultural heritage initiative

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has launched the Dhawura Ngilan Business and Investor Guides by the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance. 

The First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance is a coalition of member organisations representing First Nations peoples from across Australia. 

As the MCA begins to implement its Towards Sustainable Mining framework, the council says the Dhawura Ngilan’s principles will play a crucial role in demonstrating ‘best’ industry practices, as well as fostering partnerships with local Traditional Custodians. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tania Constable says this initiative marks a ‘significant’ advancement in the management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage. 

Designed by Australian Traditional custodians, Dhawura Ngilan provides practical steps for the mining industry to integrate local knowledge and cultural heritage practices throughout a mine’s lifecycle. 

Constable says: “This initiative underscores the importance of collaboration between industry and Traditional Custodians in preserving, protecting, and prompting at least 65,000 years of cultural heritage.

The MCA embraces the principle that effective heritage management requires both relationships and regulation. The Dhawura Ngilan initiative represents a unique opportunity for the sector to contribute to the vision of preserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage for future generations.”

The alliance strives to enhance the capacity of First Nations Peoples to fully manage and control their cultural heritage, fostering self-determination to benefit culturally, spiritually, and economically. 

The MCA is ensuring that the advice and guidance of Traditional Custodians are further embedded across the mining industry’s practices. 

The Australian minerals industry has adopted Towards Sustainable Minin (TSM)g, a globally recognised accountability framework which supports minerals companies evaluate, manage and communicate their site-level sustainability performance.

Adopting the independently verified system reinforces the sector’s commitment to continual improvement in safety, environmental and social governance (ESG).The MCA says the TSM strengthens Enduring Value – the Australian minerals industry’s sustainable development framework – by providing a consistent approach to assess and communicate site level performance in a transparent and accountable way.

Understanding and communicating this performance consistently and transparently benefits local communities, government, investors, companies and customers, enhancing trust and confidence in the industry’s management performance, the MCA adds.

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