Barton passes 10,000m as additional drilling starts at Tunkillia

Barton Gold (ASX:BGD) has added an additional 3,000m of reverse circulation (RC) drilling to its growing program at the Tunkillia Gold Project in South Australia, with overall drilling now surpassing 10,000m.

The $44.96 million market capitalisation company says this additional drilling has been added to the 223 deposit southern extension target. 

About 9,900m of RC and some 700m of diamond drilling has now been completed on extensions of the 1.15 million ounce (Moz) gold 223 deposit and satellite gold zones within the 223 North, Area 191, and Area 51 deposits. 

The company adds that diamond drilling at Area 191 has been completed and is ongoing at Area 51, as well as 223 North and Southern 223. Following Southern 223, about 1,500m of RC drilling will start at Area 51. 

Barton Gold Managing Director Alex Scanlon says the company has its sights on an additional near-term 223 deposit mineral resource upgrade to support its Tunkillia growth strategy.  

“With 3 rigs, we are drilling between 2 to 3 thousand metres weekly depending upon ground conditions. 

We are accelerating extensional drilling with the goal to support another near-term 223 deposit resources upgrade, followed by results during early 2024 for surrounding Tunkillia growth targets.”

Last week, Scanlon told that although the company’s Tarcoola and Tunkillia projects — located just 70km apart — are considered one monster project, it makes developmental sense to initially split the 2 should Barton reach its annual production target of 150,000 ounces without undue risk. 

Based in Adelaide, Barton owns some 5,000km-square of land in South Australia’s Gawler Craton, including the Tarcoola, Tunkillia, and Challenger gold projects, the latter of which is currently on care and maintenance but features the fully-licensed, 650,000-tonnes-per-year Central Gawler Mill. It’s these assets which form the basis of the company’s grand plan, divided into 2 carefully thought-out stages, which Scanlon hopes will one day deliver “South Australia’s largest independent gold producer”.

Barton Gold had $10.451 million cash and cash equivalents at hand as of 30 June 2023, according to its latest quarterly report.

Barton is an ASX, OTCQB, and Frankfurt stock exchange listed Australian gold exploration company with a total attributable 1.3Moz Au JORC mineral resources endowment, a pipeline of advanced exploration projects and brownfield mines, and 100% ownership of the only regional gold mill in the central Gawler Craton of South Australia.

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